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Some Dead Good TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2017

Some Dead Good TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2017

The Debrief: 2017 already has some really rather excellent TV prospects, here's what we're waiting for.

Wanna know what you're going to be binge watching this year? Read on to find out.


What’s that you say? A period drama starring Tom Hardy? Yeah. We’ll take that thanks. Happening on BBC One, Taboo is about a chap who returns to England after being presumed dead to take back control of his father’s shipping empire. Unfortunately, he’s got more than a few people hell bent on stopping him.

Jan 7th

Girls, The Final Season

The end of an era. Whatever your opinions to yourself about everything surrounding this season and it’s cast and creators, we can be thankful for the TV show that helped kickstart a female revolution.

13th Feb


Peep Show might be over but this new David Mitchell and Robert Webb starring comedy show is definitely going to be worth a watch. It’s about two sort-of-brothers who struggle to get on after one takes over his father’s pub.

Date TBC


Hooray! No word on when this will be on but filming was underway throughout the summer and autumn of 2016. Season two came out in March. Fingers crossed season three will do the same.

Date TBC


This is definitely going to be the most stylish drama you watch all year and Sky are going big with it already. It’s about a woman, played by Julia Stiles, who’s billionaire husband is killed in a yacht explosion. Suspecting foul play, she immerses herself in the criminal underworld of the glamourous French Riviera.

Date TBC

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