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Best New Things On Netflix In December

Best New Things On Netflix In December

The Debrief: Cancel your plans, there's TV to be watched.

A Very Murray Christmas

Obviously, we all love Bill Murray. Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? No-one, that’s who. A Very Murray Christmas is probably the safest thing you’ll watch this holiday season in terms of knowing that it’s going to be good ahead of time.

How do we know that? It’s written by Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola and stars oh, just about everyone you know from celeb land including Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Rashida Jones.... yep. You’re in good hands here, kids.

Still Alice

It doesn’t exactly scream Christmas cheer but Still Alice was one of last year’s bestest and most important films. Following the life of a university professor with early onset Alzheimers, it raised awareness and understanding of the disease the world over.

Julianne Moore won Best Actress for it. Since the film came out, Richard Glatzer, the man who, along with his partner, adapted the film from its original book format, has died, leaving behind him an important legacy that everyone needs to see.

One Direction: This Is Us

In completely a different vein... IT’S THE ONLY THE BLOODY ONE DIRECTION FILM. Sure it’s no Katy Perry Part Of Me (you go, Katy), but This Is Us is pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted from a film about a bunch of lads having the best time of their lives.

Plus, it gives you a chance to remember the happier times: when Zayn was still part of the band and not a dodgy haired singleton flying the wave of fame all solo and the like.

The Canyons

A bonkers film starring porn star James Deen and a wild-eyed Lindsay Lohan. Not really sure what the story of the film is, but the story behind the making of the film is all compiled into one of the greatest journalistic works of our time: this hefty expose in The New York Times by Stephen Rodrick, called Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie. It includes lines like, ‘The large green eyes that read cute a decade ago now conveyed cornered desperation.’ Mate.

How I Met Your Mother

I mean, Americans bloody love it. How I Met Your Mother earned itself 28 Emmys over its eight-season run. File it under something that’s inoffensive to have on in the background when you’ve run out of Modern Family.

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