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All The Best New Things To Be Added To Netflix In January

All The Best New Things To Be Added To Netflix In January

The Debrief: No money and no boozing? Not a problem...

My Best Friends Wedding

There's probably a terrible woman-hating message somewhere in this much-loved chick flick but you know what? I'm not going to waste time looking for it because WHAT. A. FILM. Start your year off with J-Robs and Rupert Evs and 2017 is going to turn out just fine.

1st jan

Drag Me To Hell

A good horror film for people that are too scared to watch horror films. This from Sam Raimi (creator of the lols Evil Deads) is about a loan officer who gets cursed by a gypsy woman. Scary stuff goes down, but there’s a sense of humor about the whole thing too. Scary but just about bearable.

11th jan

The Good Wife: Season 7

The last season! If you haven’t made it all the way to the end of this magnificent show yet then make sure you eek this the last series out for as long as possible - there’s no way to fill that aching hole left behind by Alicia Florrick once she’s hit the road. That is until of course the Christina Baranski starring The Good Fight hits US TV in February.

28th January

Most Hated Woman In America

This looks interesting. There’s little-to-no info on this biopic but from what we’ve read we’re intrigued. It’s about Madalyn Murray O’Hair the controversial atheist who’s activism led to the banning of bible readings in public schools in America in 1963. Understandably, some Americans weren’t too happy about that and she became the target of hate. Melissa Leo plays her.

27th January

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 1

The TV series based on the film based on the series of books about Count Olaf. If you’re still clamouring for yet more Count Olaf (and how could you not be) then this telly show version stars Neil Patrick Harris and Joan Cusack.

13th January

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