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The Best Lols Videos Under 10 Seconds That The Internet Has To Offer

The Best Lols Videos Under 10 Seconds That The Internet Has To Offer

The Debrief: Because we know you're a busy, busy person.

Thanks to this Reddit thread, which asked users to post their favourite videos that are 10 seconds long or less (and maybe one or two that are one second longer), some right gems have been unearthed that you totally deserve to see. So, just for you, I’ve picked out 10 of the best to brighten up your looong day. And the length totally suits all us millenials because we’re all like, super-busy being adults and stalking people on Facebook and stuff. Basically, we haven’t got any more time than that to have fun. Here you go, in no particular order...

1. I, like, feel like I was there

2. That is so Ron

3. Um, maybe, work on your breathing/spacing exercises, mate 

4. Turns out penguins don’t laugh as much as we do when one of their friends falls down, but they do make the cutest sound ever

5. The definition of caj, right there 


7. We could all do with a bit of this little girl’s encouragement in our lives 

8. Everyone knows a ‘Richard’. Am I right?

9. Oh, hey!

10. Nailed it

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