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Americans Just Found Out About Mr Blobby And It\'s All To Much For Them To Handle

Americans Just Found Out About Mr Blobby And It's All To Much For Them To Handle

The Debrief: In all fairness, he was kind of weird.

You know those things you thought were totally normal when you were young and it wasn't until you grew up that you realised they were actually very, very weird?

Yeah, a lot of early 90s TV falls under this category. Things like The Demon Headmaster. Things like Chucklevision. Things like The Wombles. Either there were a lot of drugs going around the development meetings in the TV industry at the time (entirely possible) or we were just much simpler as a nation.

The weirdest thing on TV that we never questioned though? Mr. Blobby. Possibily the worst, most weirdest mascot of all time and was basically just a guy called Barry Killerby who wore a pink and yellow suit and ran around Noel Edmunds House Party attacking people and breaking things. In fact, Mr. Blobby's Wikipedia page is pretty much a list of people he attacked. One time he even attacked Mr. Motivator.

And yet weirdly, at the time - we didn't question Mr. Blobby at all.

Last week, an American on Reddit discovered the below video from The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s which featured a guest appearance by Mr. Blobby. The poster called the video 'the funniest, weirdest, most brilliant bit of television I've ever seen in my entire life' despite not knowing who Mr. Blobby is.

A quick rewatch proves that yes, this is possibly one of the greatest bits of TV that ever existed by also, prompts an uncomfortable realisation that, now it's been seen through eyes of someone who didn't grow up with Blobby, it probably was a bit weird.

Remember the Mr. Blobby music video? Carol Vorderman and Jeremy Clarkson are both visible.

Other Americans chimed in with their thoughts Blobby.

'This is like going to a friend's family reunion. You understand they have traditions and their own thing going on but no matter what those people's shit is weirder than your family's shit.'

'He looks like silly putty fucked a Dalek. And someone poured in barrel of terrifying and annoying.

'Had to shut it off. It was freaking out my cats.'

'OMG when it started talking I had to click away from it. that voice is terrifying.'

'It's like Paul Blart: Mall Blart fucked a Minion'

'The embodiment of childhood trauma.'

Sorry America.

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