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All The Best New Things That Are Going To Hit Netflix In June

All The Best New Things That Are Going To Hit Netflix In June

The Debrief: Basically, what you're going to be spending your time doing for the next few weeks

Orange Is The New Black

The big one you've all been waiting for. Season three of the prison drama is now just days away. According the the trailer, Alex is back in Litchfield, there's a new girl on the horizon played by Australian Ruby Rose and Vee looks like she's definitely still dead. For now.

From 12th June

Obvious Child

Boy oh boy if you haven't seen this film yet then you're in for a treat. Comedian and actress Jenny Slate stars as a much less successful comedian called Donna who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a very nice boy and then decides to have an abortion. The American Right got mad about it, we were very very happy with it.

From 1st June

Wish I Was Here

It's that Zach Braff film from last year! Wish I Was Here is all about a dad who, as a struggling actor, relies on his dad to fund his kids' schooling. When his dad uses his money on a new treatment for cancer, Zach's character has to start home schooling his kids. All the feels in this one. Plus Turk from Scrubs is in it too and any time that JD and Turk can get back together is A-OK by us.

From 1st June

Palo Alto

Say what you want about old James Franco and his slightly eccentric ways but his film Palo Alto from last year was actually really good. Starring Emma Roberts as a teenager girl having an affair with her creepy creepy PE teacher (played by James Franco), it's all about the difficulties of being in end-stage teenagerdom when you feel grown up but definitely still aren't.

From 16th June

Half Nelson

One of those excellent Ryan Gosling indie films that wasn't as big as it should have been (see also Lars And The Real Girl) starring Ryan as a teacher at an inner city school who's hiding a drug problem from his students. When a student catches him doing drugs at school, the two begin an unlikely friendship that helps both of them deal with all the rubbish stuff they're going through.

From 1st June

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