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All Saints Have Announced A New Single And Album. What A Time To Be Alive

All Saints Have Announced A New Single And Album. What A Time To Be Alive

The Debrief: Get ready for new single 'One Strike'

Hey guys! Guess what? Your favourite ’90s girl band All Saints are coming back! Yes, we know they said they were coming back way back in June but NOW they've announced a single AND an album.

The single's going to be called One Strike and it's going to be released on the 26th of February with an album Red Flag coming on April 8th.

We haven't heard One Strike yet but according to their PR people it is a 'canny, charming reminder of everything huge swathes of the global pop audience loved about All Saints in the first place. The track is a perceptible call to arms for anyone who experiences a single moment, perhaps a phone call or conversation, that changes you life completely.'

Don't really know what that means but it sounds very exciting.

Since the girls are coming back, there's a few nostalgia gems they could do with bringing with them when they come. Things like...

Combat pants

Once the trouser of choice for military men and labourers, All Saints single-handedly repurposed the humble combat trouser into THE fashion accessory of the decade. Teemed with a cropped vest and Timberlands, this hallowed look was exactly what you spent your weekends in Tammy searching for. Plus points, for the thong hanging out over the low-slung waistband, too.


I mean Tammy Girl in general

Gosh darnit, what a bloody great shop Tammy was. What happened to it? We’re not really sure, but if there was a place we could go now and pick up one-shouldered lycra tops, trousers with skirts built in over the top and cropped bomber jackets all for the price of a bag of penny sweets, we’d be there in a shot.

Hot Leo

Leonardo Dicaprio really peaked in The Beach which can’t have been a coincidence, considering the girls pretty much soundtracked the whole of 2000 with their song for the film Pure Shores. They STILL play that song in Thailand, un-ironically, 15 years later.

How’s about The Beach 2? Good luck finding a Thai island that isn’t overrun by Gap Yah twats now, though.

The Ladette

Dating Oasis brothers, falling out of the Met Bar… Pah, give us that over Taylor Swift baking cupcakes any day. Here’s a suggestion All Saints ladies: stage your comeback as a massive party for everyone that was too young to get battered back in the day when Zoe Ball was leading the way. We’ll try and keep up. Honest.

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