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7 Smart Things To Say About Episode 8 Of Girls

7 Smart Things To Say About Episode 8 Of Girls

The Debrief: Fran and Hannah are in trouble and Adam and Jessa are stuck looking after a baby in this week's Girls

Between Hannah giving Ray blow jobs in his new coffee van and Shoshanna returning from Japan, there's a lot going on in this week's epsiode. Here's a few talking points to bring up when you guys are chatting about it afterwards though...

1. Summer holidays in the US when you're a kid. Not when you're an adult

With Fran and Hannah off for three whole months in the summer you'd be forgiven for thinking a move to America to take advantage of the sweet, sweet holiday time would be a great idea. Not so much. American holiday time is great if you're still at school. Most school years run from mid-August to the end of May giving students (and apparently teachers) a glorious three months off in the summer. Once you're a grown up though (and not a teacher), things aren't quite as fun; employers aren't legally required to give workers any paid vacation time (in the UK we get 28 days - most employers include bank holidays in that). A lot of private employers in the US do give 10 days but again, it's not legally required. Rubbish.

2. You can be banned from Uber if you've got a low rating. Sort of

With Hannah stranded in the middle of nowhere, Marnie suggests she call an Uber. Hannah though, apparently got kicked off the app though for having a low rating. This isn't strictly true. A spokeperson for Uber told the Observer last year that there isn't a specific low-end threshold on the rating system that will get a customer automatically banned. However, 'inappropriate or unsafe' behaviour will get you banned. Incidentally, you can now find out what your Uber rating is....

3. 'Sample' is definitely not the stupidest name people have tried to give their babies

Laird and Caroline are keen to make the nickname 'Sample' stick with their baby. Because she's 'sample-sized'. Nice. But there's been far weirder named kids in history. Mexico's banned a whole bunch of baby names including 'Facebook', 'Traffic' and 'Lady Di'. New Zealand, on the other hand, have had to ban 'Anal', 'Chief Maximus' and 'Sex Fruit'. In America, a cake shop refused to write a child's name on his birthday cake. It was 'Adolf Hitler'. His sisters were called 'Eva Braun' and 'Joycelynn Aryan Nation'.

4. How to pronnounce Rihanna properly

Laird thinks it's 'Ree-anna'. Not 'Rihaaaanna' like most Americans say. Rihanna herself agrees. It's Ree-anna. Just watch the video below.

5. Why you should never get in a car with the dude Hannah tries to hitchhike with

Fans of Scandal will recognise the actor driving the car as none other than the guys who plays the very mentally damaged Huck. Huck is a former black ops agent once employed by top secret government agency called B613, an agency so evil they once got the president to shoot down a whole passenger plane just to kill one person. Huck is now reformed but he still assassinates people in pretty dark and torturous ways if the mood is right.

IRL he's Guillermo Diaz. Who, according to his Twitter page, is actually super nice.


6. Who Tandis Montcrieff is

What kind of name is Tandis Montcrieff? Desi's new squeeze looks set to be almost as annoying as Desi. IRL, Tandis is played by the BABE-tastic Lisa Bonet who is Zoe Kravitz's mum (yes mum).

7. Is Hector going to get to see Les Mis?

Guillermo Diaz's character actually turns out to be a bit of a dude. He just really wants to see Les Mis on Broadway. He better hurry up though, after nearly thirty years on Broadway (with a few breaks here and there) the show's set to close this year. Tickets too are pretty pricey. If you want a full view (ie. not being sat behind a pillar) prices start from an eye-watering $87.

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