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7 Smart Things To Say About Episode 7 Of Girls

7 Smart Things To Say About Episode 7 Of Girls

The Debrief: From Centaur Butts to the one child policy, here's your smart conversation starters

After last week’s bonanaza of an episode (the return of Charlie! The disappearance of Charlie! Heroin!) Girls seems like it's back on track

So, what should you be saying about this week's episode?

Who Mrs Piggle Wiggle is and what the Reading Rainbow is

Prior to Hannah’s attempt at Basic Instinct-ing herself out of being fired for what sounds like totally fair reasons, she claims she is ‘the teacher of her dreams’ – a mix between Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and Reading Rainbow. Since both of these things are American you may not have heard of them. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle was the focus of a series of childrens’ books about a lady who lived in an upside-down house and taught the naughty children of her neighbourhood how to be good using her ‘chest of magical cures’ (weird). Reading Rainbow was a TV show that ran for 20 years (!) and taught kids to read. They’re still going online.

Centaur Ass is real

And not something Hannah made up. According to Urban Dictionary it is ‘The firm, protruding buttocks belonging to a very fit person, resembling the mythological half man, half horse. Usually used as a compliment.’

What the deal with Kitty Genovese was

Adam’s play is billed as a ‘tragic re-telling of the Kitty Genovese tragedy.’ The event in question occurred in 1964 when Kitty, a 28-year-old bartender was stabbed and raped over the course of half an hour outside her apartment in Queens, New York in 1964. Around 38 people heard or witnessed the attack and yet they did not call the police. Her death prompted investigations into the concept of the so-called ‘bystander effect’ in which people witness that crime do nothing – largely in part due to the thinking that someone else will intervene instead.

There’s also a very interesting piece here about how Kitty’s love life (she was gay and lived with her girlfriend) was covered up by the press.

What Boy Butter is

Elliot tells Dill, ‘I did poppers with the guy who invented Boy Butter.’ Boy Butter is exactly what you think; lube. But reviews claim that unlike normal lube, it isn’t sticky or de-sensitising. In fact, one guy on Amazon says it’s somewhere between ‘vegetable shortening and a cream, but not overtly greasy like Crisco.’ Cool.

Who the people are you’re meant to reconginse at Dill’s Party

There's several awkward cameos at Dill's party. Real people from real life playing themselves at a TV party for a TV famous person.

The dude who had a Chinese fur emergency? Hamish Bowles – the European editor-at-large for Vogue US. You recognise him from The September Issue and a cameo in Gossip Girl. Here’s his apartment by the way. Jealous much?

The other guy, the one who Elliot compliments on his shirt, is Johnny Wujek; the stylist dude from seasons 19 and 20 of America’s Next Top Model. He later went on to be Katy Perry’s stylist.

Why Marnie getting a call from Alex Patasavas is a big deal

Sadly, Desi isn’t gone for good. Someone called Alex Patsavas called him and wants his and Marnie’s song to be on Grey's Anatomy. This is a very big deal. Alex has been the music supervisor on over 60 films and TV shows. Including Twilight. And The OC. And Mad Men. But most importantly Grey’s Anatomy. We all remember what happened when How To Save A Life by The Fray was on it.

What the environmental impact of having more than one child is

Ray reckons human apathy is up there with some of the greatest threats to civilisation along with those Keep Calm and Carry On posters and having more than one child. But is having more than one child oh-so-very-bad? Well, erm, yes. If the world all lived like the average US citizen, we’d need 4.1 worlds to sustain us.

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