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6 Smart Things To Say About Episodes 9 & 10 Of Girls

6 Smart Things To Say About Episodes 9 & 10 Of Girls

The Debrief: It's a double header as Lena Dunham puts season six to bed. How will things turn out for the gang?

As the penultimate series draws to a close, here's a few things to take away.

1. Hair brushing is a common fetish

What does it take for Marnie to finally realise Ray's The One? A love dream where she brushes his hair. Sure.

Turns out though, hair brushing is actually a fairly commons festish and it's known as 'hair worship'. According to Kinkly (your online directory of all things kinky) 'People who enjoy hair brushing and hair worship say they enjoy the feel, aroma, and look of well-kept hair.' In fact, there's actually a whole area of porn dedicated to women just brushing their hair. Check some out here. A lot of it's actually SFW. Because it's just women brushing their hair.

2. Tally Schifrin is the best

Well, the actress who plays Tally Schifrin is the best. Tally Schifrin seems like kind of a wounded bird. If you haven't seen The Debrief's hands down favourite film of 2014, Obvious Child then you need to rectify immediately. Jenny Slate (Tally) plays Donna, a comedian who gets pregnant after a one night stand with Jake Lacy, the dude who plays Fran in Girls. It's honest, relatable and fucking hilarious.

3. Manson Family situation

Shoshanna's intrepid reporting into Helvetica brings her to the conclusion that they're about to descend into a 'Manson Family situation'. Specifically, she means, a fun-group-turned-cult who have removed themselves from real life and taken enough drugs to think that reamining loyal to a fast-disintegrating enitity is a good enough reason to go out and commit a bunch of random murders.

Have a listen to this super dark and super fascinating podcast on Charles Manson here.

4. Online therapy is a thing

Of course if any of the girls was going to be taking online therapy, it would be Marnie. According to Talkspace, a leading online therapy website, 'therapists and online therapy networks use a variety of mediums such as apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging.' They do warn you though that not all 'online therapists' are actually liscenced though so it's best to do some digging around beforehand.

5. 'Treat them like a hippy at Disneyland in '68' has a cool story behind it

Hermie and Shoshanna's new anti-hipster stance is working wonders for the coffee shop. So well is it going in fact that Hermie is chucking any hipster-eqsue person out and treating then 'like a hippy at Disneyland in '68.

Interestingly, this harks back to the Yippie movement of the late 60s when radical hippies who became know as the Youth International Party invaded Disneyland as one of the organisations more memorable 'pranks' to undermine the system. Around 200 hippies entered the park and took over Tom Sawyer's island, raising their flag to assert their dominance. 23 were arrested and the park was closed early.

The Disneyland invasion actually happened in 1970 though, not 1968.

6. The Moth

Hannah's going on The Moth! If you're not already listening to The Moth podcast, you're not doing adult life right. Each week, different storytellers from some of The Moth's many, many live shows share heartbreaking, funny and life changing stories. 

If attending a Moth event sounds fun, they actually do them in the UK now, keep an eye out on their website for future dates. They can be expensive but they're worth it.

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