Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Friday, 1 May 2015

50 Shades Is Back. Already?!

50 Shades Is Back. Already?!

The Debrief: Even the toughest masochist wants breaks between punishment...

Just as we’ve got dry from the damp squib that was 50 Shades of Grey, there’s already a trailer for the second installment of the franchise. What happens in it? Well, you can watch the teaser here:

If you can’t watch/can’t bear to watch, it simply features Christian Grey – as played by Jamie Dornan – putting a jacket on, and then putting an eyemask on. It’s not like a ‘oh fuck I’m hungover’ eye mask, it’s an eye mask with holes in, so he can see through it. Not exactly leather gimp mask-level kinky, but we appreciate this is lowest common denominator BDSM.

Then, as one piano bongs out one singular note over and over, the screen goes darker. That, or our eyes were shutting.

Considering director Sam Taylor-Wood has bowed out of making the sequel, which will be called 50 Shades Darker, the film is only hitting our screens (or walloping them with a paddle) in 2017. We kind of hoped that, in the mean time, the hype would simmer down, just for a bit. Even the biggest masochists need gaps between punishment...

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