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5 Smart Things To Say About Epsisode 4 Of Girls

5 Smart Things To Say About Epsisode 4 Of Girls

The Debrief: From rice pudding to the Old Loves Tumblr, here's what to think about this week's Girls

This week it's reckoning day for Jessa and Adam plus, we find out just how much of a moron Desi is. In case you didn't already know.

1. Desi and Marnie’s apartment is small, but not that small.

According to Naked Apartments, the average apartment in New York City is 750 square foot which, while not big, shits all over Marnie and Desi’s (now one-bedroomed-ish) pokey place. The average price of one of these 750 square footers? $2,700 a month. Phew. The smallest ever apartment was way smaller than Marnie’s though at 78 square feet. It costs $750 a month.

2. Marnie’s drinking a lot of tea

There’s 253 working days in the United States in 2016. If Marnie’s spending $3000 on tea and tea at Starbucks is $2.15 for a Grande sized cup then Marnie is drinking a grand total of five and a half teas a day. Which can’t be good for you. Or your digestive system.

3. Women-only AA Meetings are a thing

There are female only AA meetings and male only meetings. The first woman to join AA at all was two years after the group’s formation in 1937. The ex-wife of a Wall Street chappie, Florence Rankin  is the reason that The Big Book (the tome the group lives by) was named 'The Big Book' and not 'One Hundred Men'.

4. Old Loves Tumblr is a real thing

Make like Marnie and reminicise about old couples that no longer exist like, Val Kilmer and Cher. Recent additions to the website include Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderama (currently dating Demi Lovato), Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans (forgot about that one) and erm, Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner.

Old people having sex websites? Yeah those exist but no we’re not linking to one.

5. Rice pudding is totally a trend in New York which means oh God we’re getting it next

Yes you did hear right, Hannah and Jessa went out for ‘rice pudding’, that nasty, gloopy semen-y stuff from your school dinners that would sit in the corner of your segemented lunch tray until you finally got up to courage to have a spoonful. There’s plenty of Rice Pudding only venues in New York with a brand new hipster one called The Rice Pudding Shoppe opening just last month in Greenwich Village. The one the girls go and visit is Rice To Riches which seems to be the city’s current fave.

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