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5 Films You Need To Watch Before You Go To University

5 Films You Need To Watch Before You Go To University

The Debrief: University can be a confusing time. Scream 2 is here to help.

Heading off to university can be a terrifiying experience. Lucky then the film industry have created a never ending source of self-help guides. They're called movies. And here's the ones that are going to aid you over the next three years the most.

1. St Elmos's Fire

Starting university isn't another opportunity to try (and fail) to dive into the 'cool' crowd again. For the first time in your life you're going to be (hopefully) surrounded by like-minded people who operate on the same emotional level as you. That's why you all picked the same course right? Right. St. Elmo's Fire is a glorious example of how the friends you make at uni can be friends for life, and the friends that save you from that terrifiying time after university when you have N.F.I. what to do next. Even if things get so despearate that you end up trying to kill yourself by sitting next to an open window. Classic Demi Moore. This film also denotes the importance of finding and establishing a proper hangout for your new gang. It'll almost certainly be a pub but, choose rightly and it'll be the centre of nostalgia filled boozes for years to come.

2. Legally Blonde

Proof that if Elle Woods can take on Harvard and win wearing a twin set and hair extensions then you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Oh wait, no. It's a film. It means nothing. Instead, watch it and be gloriously thankful you don't have to go through the rigermole of being in a sorority and having to live in one of those super pink and peppy houses with a whole bunch of other peppy girls who want to you to go to frat parties with them. Also teaches you; don't let your professor get all handsy with you, no matter how good a work placement he gets you. Be especially careful if he once played the guy who built the Titanic in a very popular film about The Titanic called Titanic.

3. The Social Network

Good if you're almost certain you're going to spend the next three years as a social outcast making no friends. This film will be handy for cultivating the 'quiet-but-difficult genius' personality you need to adopt to pull off being a loner and getting away with it. Plus, who knows, maybe you too will pinch an multi-billion dollar idea from a pair of strapping young chaps on the rowing team and spend the rest of your life as one of the most successful people in the whole world. A girl can dream.

4. Scream 2

A reminder that, just because you escaped your impossibly attractive high school boyfriend who turned out the be a serial killer, that doesn't mean there's not another one waiting for you at university. Scream 2 also taught us one of our better remembered life-lessons; if a killer is chasing you around the house, heading upstairs is a terrible idea. There's nowhere to go from there Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also killers are attracted to parties, so stay away from parties. And anyone that looks like Neve Campbell.

5. Van Wilder: Party Liason

Still struggling? Do the oppposite of every single thing in this film and you'll be just fine.

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