Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 12 May 2016

Where Do Uber Drivers Go To The Toilet?

Where Do Uber Drivers Go To The Toilet?

The Debrief: Uber drivers are apparently peeing in very inappropriate places. Now Heathrow airport has got a plan to fix it

This is something I'd never really considered before. But now that I have, it seems like a very big problem.

Where do Uber drivers pee and poo?

If you're an Uber driver, you car is essentially your office, and, it being a car, you don't have a built in toilet. So, every toilet break must be a gamble. Do you stop at a pub? Pee in the street? Do it in a bottle and chuck it in the boot?

Well, people living near Heathrow airport have found out that some Uber drivers are happy to pee in their front gardens. Residents of Stanwell, a village located just next to the UK's busiest airport have been complaining for months that their front gardens have been getting un-asked for waterings from Uber drivers relieving themselves and there have even been reports of plastic bags full of poo being left by the side of the road.

Now, Heathrow have responded and agreed to build a car park for taxi drivers to wait in. John Holland-Kaye, the airport's chief executive said, 'over the last couple of years, private hire vehicles, Uber and their like, have just expanded phenomenally and they started to cause a real issue to our local communities.'

He said that Heathrow don't control private hire vehicles, but he feels like they 'have a responsibility to local communities to do right by them.' Which is nice, considering the residents of Stanwell already have to put up with hundreds of 747s taking off over their houses every day.

'Next month', Holland-Kaye continued, 'we will be bringing in a new parking area for private hire vehicles where they will be able to wait before they come to the airport.’

Here's hoping it has toilet facilities.

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