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Things To Do This Weekend: A-Level Results Special

Cheap, Fun Things To Do In London And Beyond This Weekend: A-Level Results Special

The Debrief: Celebrating? Good for you. But even if you didn't quite get the A-level results you wanted, self-punishment is pointless - do something fun this weekend

There's nothing quite like getting your A-level results - it feels at the time like the most important thing that's happened, in your academic career at least (just wait until y'all start going to job interviews). You might feel elated, disappointed, nonplussed - chances are you'll just feel plain tired, a 'come down' from those heightened anxiety levels.

However you're feeling, it's nice to mark an important day with something fun, and we've rounded up the best parties, workshops and events this weekend.  

Thursday 17 August


For the low-key fun seeker

Results day. If you feel like just chilling out, or you fancy venturing out for a drink, why not combine the two? Drink, Shop & Do is a cool venue conveniently located near to Kings Cross, and they're giving customers the chance to make a unicorn or stallion pinata (free when you buy a drink). The perfect mix of drinking and silliness. 


For the party animal

If you're throwing caution to the wind and want to go 'out, out', maybe head over to Tiger Tiger in Manchester, where Taboo is presenting a huge party with DJ Russke, and tickets are going for only £10.


For the chilled vibe seeker

The only thing that could possibly make the pizza and beer combination any better than it already is, is when the beer is £2 and there's free live music on the side. That's precisely what's on offer over at MOD Pizza's Unplugged session. 


For the cinematic know-it-all

If there's anywhere to host a film quiz, it's in a movie theatre. It sounds obvious now, but can you name anyone other than the Film Book Club team who have put two and two together? Head over to the Everyman cinema and use all of your movie knowledge to scoop some well-deserved prizes.


For the nostalgia fiend

Obviously, we were going to throw a 90s themed party into the mix. If the generic 'clubby club' scene isn't your cup of tea, you might be tempted by Blazin Squad's upcoming visit to PRYZM. If anything, it'll be a pretty accurate introduction to what your university club night is going to look like. 


For the sensible drinker

Vodka is often the spirit of choice for young, broke and newly of legal drinking age kids. But there's a chance to go and sample some of the good stuff over at the Got Beef x Black Cow Vodka party. Yep. Burgers and booze. You're welcome. 


For the indecisive

If you're the sort of person who enjoys everything being in one place to remove the dilemma of having to make a call on where to go, head over to the summer night market at the Biscuit Factory. Tour gallery spaces, eat homemade ice cream, peruse the pop up stalls. It's all there. 

Friday 18 August

For those in need of comfort food

Go to Nandos! As we mentioned before, Nandos are offering students free chicken on results day, so whether you're celebrating or feeling glum, you'll be well fed. Just present your A-level papers and an ID - you still need to spend £7 to claim your freebie, but that's easily done with a couple of drinks and a custard tart. 

Saturday 19 August

If you want to get away

Taking place from the 17th-20th August, Greenman has a more folky, hippyish vibe than V Festival, which is also on this weekend. Set in the picturesque Breton Beacons in Wales, it's perfect for student music lovers who actually get a kick out of camping - festival goers are encouraged to barbecue meat from the local butchers, and sit around the communal 'Settlement bonfire' by nights. 

For totally distraction

For a total distraction from anything A-level related, check out Backyard Cinema's screening of Grease. Their themed nights are super popular, and for £16.50 you get a ticket to the show and you're own big beanbag to sit on. Throw in good food and drinks (and a friend or two) and you've got yourself a good evening there.

Sunday 20 August

The results weekend hangover cure

Sunday is the day for brunch - and a bottomless brunch is more fun. Neverland London is hosting brunch this weekend, in a beachy tropical-themed setting. On the menu are bloody mary's, prosecco and more - plus street food, which is included in your ticket price of £30. 

Free and further afield

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is once again in full swing, so if you live locally or are visiting for the weekend, check out their programme of events for music, theatre, comedy and much more. It's a fantastic distraction for any students pondering their exam results and would be a nice day out for the whole family. 

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