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Cheap, Fun Things To Do In Leeds This Second Weekend In July

Cheap, Fun Things To Do In Leeds This Second Weekend In July

The Debrief: Here’s lookin’ at you, Yorkshire

Another week, another plan-less weekend? We here ya. It could well be because you completely forgot that Cocoon in the Park festival was a thing and can’t afford tickets. Or your lack of plans might have something to do with the fact that you’re not entirely convinced by what the weather is going to be doing this weekend so don’t want to chance a damp barbeque. Either way, you’ve got nothing on. But don’t worry, we can fix that.

Each week we’re rounding up the best things to do in a different city across the UK and this week we’re looking at you, Leeds. So, here’s what to get up to if you’re up north this weekend with little more to do than aimlessly scroll through various apps on your phone. 

Friday 7 July

By night

Ever fancied dabbling in creative writing? Now’s your chance to give it a go under the experienced guidance of an actual published author. Writing is one of those things that’s really easy to put off if you’re left to your own devices, so if you’ve procrastinated putting that great idea to paper, go learn how it’s done at Write Night. There’s an open mic session at the end for people to share work and you can also BYOB. Find out more on the website. 

Saturday 8 July

By day

Well isn’t this a treat! A brand-new bar-cum-record store is opening this weekend. There’s going to be a launch party and you’re invited. To celebrate the launch of Doghouse, a collection of DJ’s will be playing sets throughout the day to set the vibe and introduce you to the new venue. We don’t really know what it looks like just yet but that’s all just part of the excitement. Find out more on the Facebook page.  

By night

Leeds International Tattoo Exposition is on this weekend, and one of the most exciting spin-off events, if you will, is an exhibition called Pretty in Ink. It’s brand new and is all in celebration of the city’s most exciting female and non-binary tattoo artists. The exhibition has been curated by creative collective Girl Gang Leeds and the art team at Sela Bar where it’s all being held. There’ll also be pizza and cocktails. See you there? More info over on their Facebook page. 

For free

It’s the second Saturday of the month which means Belgrave Feast is back on. ICYMI, it’s a street food and art market and it’s really, really good. We’re talking three floors of the Belgrade Music Hall taken over by food, drinks, music and art. Entry is free, and free is also fun. All the details over on the website.

Sunday 9 July

By day

Another cool exhibition opening over the weekend is called Time: Arrivals & Departures and is built around a really cool ‘print exchange’ tradition. The gallery over here exchanges prints with one in San Antonio, Texas and what's been gathered has culminated in an exhibition of artwork down at East Street Arts. More information over on their website. 

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