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Tabi Jackson Gee | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

The Debrief: 'Tis the season to make some very boring, very long journeys

Going interrailing this summer? Travelling South East Asia by train? Or maybe you’ve just got a really long journey back to visit the 'rents in the far north of Scotland? Whichever box you ticked, you’ll undoubtedly be wanting a little entertainment to pass the time. Staring out the window is fun and all,
 but not for five and a half hours in a carriage full of noisy strangers. Here’s our go-to guide on making the most of your time in transit...

The Samsung Galaxy Tab to watch, read, listen and play on..

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

The new tablet from Samsung is your perfect travel companion. It’s got a 9.7” screen for browsing and email; and for watching films, reading books and playing games it gives a stellar performance. It’s also got a brilliant built-in camera so basically, it’s all the gadgets you need in one - so you’ll have more room in your suitcase for clothes. Pick one up at Currys PC World.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

The stuff to read that won’t bore you stiff. Promise.

Samsung apps - New York Times

Owning a Samsung Tab A this summer means you get FREE subscriptions to magazine and reading apps. From now until the 31st of August get yourself free subscriptions on your tablet to Le Kiosk; meaning you can get three magazines a month for three months, Kindle; allowing you to get a free eBook a month until April 2016, The New York Times; with a 12 week free subscription, a three month free subscription to Audible (that includes three books), Me Books along with four free eBooks for kids and six months of The Economist. Phew! That should keep you busy from now until the end of time.

The TV shows to get addicted to so you’ll never want to get off the train.

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

Entourage - An oldie but a goldie. if you’re looking for a new show to fall in love with that you absolutely cannot stop watching, Entourage is perfect. It’s a *bit* laddy but the characters are endearing, the script is fast-paced and funny and at twenty minutes an episode, you won’t ever be bored. Be warned though, the show is super addictive. At least the movie’s out now though, so if you rattle through all eight seasons you can get your big screen fix at the end of it.

Humans - adapted from Swedish science fiction drama Real Humans, the series is based scarily soon in the future. It imagines a world where the lines between humans and machines are blurred. Freaky deaky stuff and gripping enough to last you a few hours on the train at least.

The films to watch to pass the time in a whirlwind of joy

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

50 Shades of Grey- perfect train time entertainment. We all know this film is agonisingly cheesy, but it’s also easy to watch and easy to follow - just make sure you’re not sitting near any old people/kids for the raunchy bits or you might get some disapproving looks.

Pitch Perfect -if you’ve recently seen the second film, time to revisit the first one in all its glory. Just don’t start singing along...

Magic Mike - again, careful who you’re sitting next to… but nothing will make a train journey pass quite as fast as when you’re watching Channing Tatum doing his thannng.

The Original Star Wars Trilogy - for all you sci-fi fans out there who don’t fancy the icky mush we’ve suggested so far. And for anyone who’s
 going on a really, really long train journey and needs hours and hours and hours of entertainment. Watch this and get ready for the release of the new one in December and get all clued up on your space opera trivia.

The games to play to keep your brain engaged and the adrenalin pumping.

Stuff To Stop You Getting Bored On A Long Train Journey

Heads up! - This is probably the best game ever. Like charades, but digital - get your mates to act out the word/film/book
 etc but just don’t tell them they’re being filmed at the same time. If you’re travelling alone from one end of Europe to the other, this could also be a great way to make some new mates.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - if you like your games hard and fast (and the Kim Kardashian app just doesn’t *quite* cut it…) then try your hand at Grand Theft Auto. It works great on a tablet and will get your adrenalin going if you’re feeling bored and tired.

Candy Crush Saga - for all your gaming virgins out there, get involved and find out why about half the planet is addicted to this
 app. Just don’t miss your stop, ok?

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

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