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Tabi Jackson Gee | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 26 February 2015

Plot The Ultimate House Of Cards Viewing Party

The Debrief: Stick to these rules, and you’ll make it to the very end of your House of Cards Marathon. With the cold-hearted determination of Mr Frank Underwood himself

The deep Southern drawl, that unpredictable plot, those carefully laid, ruthlessly executed plans ...Yes, it can only be the return of House of Cards. And like super couple Claire and Frank Underwood themselves, nothing is going to come inbetween you and your plans - to sit back and watch season three of the Emmy award winning original Netflix series - the second it hits the web.

But you’re going to need provisions. A LOT of provisions. So we’ve put our heads together and come up with a plot of our own, that will see you clicking the ‘next’ button to the very end. We’ve got the dress-up covered, the energising snacks, a cocktail as ice-cool as Frank Underwood’s nerves and thrilling games to keep you and your friends coming up with schemes of your own - when you eventually need a break from the small screen.

Introducing... the ultimate House of Cards viewing party handbook. And like Frank Underwood, you’re going to need ambition, pragmatism and some strict rules to see it through..

Rule no. 1: Make the drink of kings


What drink is more suitable for the new leader of the free world than the El Presidente? Not only does it have a presidential name, it also became popular during the American prohibition when drinking was banned. Francis just loves to break the rules though... Learn how to make it here.

Rule no. 2: Dress to kill

You know what success looks like? Claire Underwood. If you’ve got a big job to do (like staying awake long enough to watch an entire season of House of Cards) you’re going to need to dress like you mean it. Tracksuits out, minimalist, tailored cuts in. No one wants to get caught wearing clothes that look like something  Zoe Barnes found down the side of her bed (look how she ended up…)


Of course, you’re probably going to need a little bit of comfort, so think neutral colours and defined shapes, try Spanish store Oysho for loungewear that still looks elegant.

Rule no. 3: Don’t mess with the hair


Got flyaway hair, and someone in your viewing party you want to impress? You’ve got two options. One, get a slicked back buzz cut a la Claire Underwood - a look that’s back in fashion thanks to the 90s revival and the rise and rise of ambitious, modern women. Or two, slick it back with some hair spray and a few kirby grips. (Oh, and did you know that if you put curby grips in wavy-side-down, they stay in place better? No, us neither. But it works a charm.)

Rule no. 4: Keep in the zone with a cunning game


While we totally applaud anyone who wants to watch the entire series back-to-back, there’s a few things to remember. Like going to the loo. And staying hydrated. And giving your eyes a bit of a break every now and again. (Remember when your parents said you’d get square eyes if you watch TV for too long? You don’t want to put that to the test. Naaat a strong  look.)

So either, get those cards out for some good old fashioned fun. Or, if you really need a bit of adrenalin to get you through, turn off the lights and play murder in the dark. An oldie but a goldie.

Rule no. 5: Don’t forget to eat, and eat well


We all know when Frank needs some time out he loves nothing more than heading to old Freddy’s BBQ Joint, putting a napkin on, and smacking his chops around some greasy ribs. And that is exactly what you and your guests should do. Check out this amazing Tyler Florence recipe here.

And if we’ve learned anything from the Underwoods, it’s that good things are worth waiting for. So keep that in mind, and allow plenty of time to perfect your ribs.

For more excellent cocktail recipes head over to the Mixed Cocktail website.

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