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Last Minute Things To Plan For Easter Weekend If You Forgot To Plan Everything Again

7 Last Minute Things To Plan For Easter Weekend If You Forgot To Plan Anything. Again.

The Debrief: Forgot to look at flights and save money eh? Course you did.

Chief procrastinator you aren't you? A few months back you were dead excited about Easter and having four whole days off work. The grand plans you made! The holidays you envisioned! The city breaks you dreamt up! What an exciting time that was.

Well, back to reality old girl because the Easter break is now nearly here and, our guesses are, you've got a big fat nothing to do. We're only guessing because really, we're in the same situation. We should all start a self help group together for procrastinators where we can sit around together and talk about the very real struggle of having a million options available to us but choice being too much of a 'thing' to actually do anything about any of them.

Anyways, we're procrastinating from the real issue here which is that none of us have anything to do next weekend. Here's a few options. GOD WE'RE NICE TO YOU.

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1. If all your friends are as useless as you

Got a whole bunch of mates that also forgot to plan stuff? There's still some pretty good deals going on big old country houses you can rent for you, your friends and everyone you know. This place in Sevenoaks (so only 40 mins and £11.50 away from London if that's where you live) is flipping massive. It sleeps 17 people and will cost each of you a mere £23 a night. Think country walks, roaming around the farm and long boozy nights in front of the fire. Organising will be hell but the rewards will be worth it.

airbnb sevenoaks

2. If you've got no money whatsoever

This, my friend, is where you need to get creative. What you're left with is The Staycation. For this you will need a partner in crime (your best mate will do) and a really, really good imagination. Start all four days off with extravagant brunches (leave the washing up, you're on holiday mate) before heading off into your local town to do all the tourist stuff you thought you were way too cool for like museums, historical landmarks and the like. Each night cook a three course meal (don't even worry if it's just soup, spag bol and ice cream) and round off with lots of wine. Your local Wetherspoons does a fine bottle of bubbly for under a tenner if you fancy taking her out afterwards. Sleep in your flatmates' beds too, that's sort of like a hotel right?


#BringtheBrini □□□

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3. If you've got a driving licence and don't mind roughing it

Campervans aren't all big shiny white monsters that middle aged couples use for summer breaks to the Lake District; there's actually a fair few hip young companies hiring out their campervans to punters just as useless as you. Check out Quirky Campers who've still got a few left for pick up next weekend from various places around the country and Wicked Campers. They can cost you around £100 a day but considering that's your travel included too, and you can split it with as many people as you can cram in, it's bascially a steal. Head somewhere with amazing lakes and beautiful scenery. Like erm, the Lake District.


A photo posted by @quirkycampers on Aug 1, 2015 at 1:57pm PDT

4. Become a life admin ninja

Admittedly the most boring of all the options. Accept that you're not going to do anything, wave your housemates off on the train and use the four days ahead of you to sort every last niggling thing that keeps you awake at night. Some suggestions? Go through that massive stack of bank letters and sort them into a folder, finally sort out a direct debit for your rent/bills so you don't keep getting red letters, clean that juice out of the bottom of the fridge that's starting to go green, bin all those clothes you bought when you were in your new rave phase, figure out which bottles on your nightstand actually still have beauty products in, go to the dentist, give your Nan a call, plan something for the next bank holiday (4th May; you're welcome). It's important to stay off Instagram during this time unless you want a bad case of the FOMOs. Instead focus on how damn smug you'll feel once all your friends return hungover, penniless and in a flap about what they've been putting off.


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5. If you've got a bit of money to spend

Wing it. Literally. Head over to Google Flights, pop in your dates and your budget and see where you can get in Europe for whatever cash you've got. The good thing about this is that you'll probably end up somewhere you've never been (trust us; you're not getting cheapo flights to Paris this late), the bad news is that you might end up somewhere you've never been for a reason. Hey, at least you'll have a story to tell.


Awesome line up in Mumbai, India can you name all the aircrafts you see ? Photographer @aerophiletales

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