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How To Cheat The Budget Airline Baggage Allowances

How To Cheat The Budget Airline Baggage Allowances

The Debrief: And you won't even need to wear all your clothes on the plane...

You’re at the gate. Your flight starts boarding. You join the queue. Your heart rate goes up as you hear the stern voice of a steward making someone further down the line measure their cabin baggage. Will you be next? And if you are, what the fuck are you going to do? Either cough up to put it in the hold, chuck half your clothes away...or put on half the clothes in your bag. Looking like a massive prick for the entire flight home.

A familiar situation for anyone who struggles to pack light and one that Scottish boyband *star* James McElvar found himself in on an easyjet flight home yesterday, when he faced being charged £45 to put his oversized baggage in the hold (they don’t pay boy bands like they used to.) James then passed out on the flight after massively over-hearting and had to be taken to hospital (luckily he's now recoverd...)

Young James was wearing no less than: six t-shirts, four jumpers, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, a pair of jackets and...two hats. Yikes.

But please, ladies, don’t let this happen to you this summer. THIS is how to pack like a pro, plus find out how much you can take on each airline and check out some great high street bags that are the right size. 


Backpacks, holdalls and mini suitcases that won’t break the bank

IT World’s Lightest Cabin Bag, £15.99 on sale (£19.99 normally)

Kangol Overnight Holdall, £17.99

 H&M Weekend bag, £29.99

Zara soft bowling bag, £39.99

Adidas Barrel Holdall, £21

Nike All Access Backpack, £25


10 Nifty packing hacks so you can fit everything in

1. Roll instead of fold. Rolling clothes helps you pack in more. More bikinis, more dresses, more skirts. More everything.

2. Stuff your bras. Stack bras on top of one another and stuff with underwear before folding them over. Resourceful.

3. Use air compression bags to flatten out bulky items. You can pick them up on Amazon.

4. Use contact lens containers or pill cases for small items like earrings and rings. 

5. Contact lens cases can ALSO be used to store creams and gels when you don’t need to take the whole bottle..

6. Stuff socks and anything in a case inside your shoes.

7. (This is a real winner.) Thread necklaces through straws to stop them from tangling.

8. Put shoes inside shower caps to stop them from getting dirt on your clothes.

9. Pack outfits you can mix and match - spending a bit more time packing (when not drunk, please) is ALWAYS WORTH IT.

10. Save beauty samples from department stores – free travel-sized stuff. If not, you can pick up a huge range of  miniature shampoos/face washes/deodorants/conditioners/shaving foams/dry shampoos/lotions etc at Boots. 

And don't forget to weigh your bag too with one of these hand scales

TekBox 50kg Portable Handheld Digital Luggage Scales 

Mitaki-Japan Portable Luggage Scale

Beurer LS10 Luggage Scale with Light


We've even found out exactly how much baggage each airline allows :-)


Aer Lingus

1 carry on baggage + 1 small personal item (small handbag, laptop, duty free or baby changing bag)

Max weight 10kg

Max size 55x40x24cm

More info here.



Just Fly customers: 1 item of cabin bag

55x40x23cm max

10kg max

Get More customers: 1 item of cabin bag + free standard 20kg item of hold luggage

55x40x23cm max

10kg max

All In customers: 40kg hold luggage + 1 item of cabin bag + 1 additional personal item of cabin bag (handbag/laptop case)

55x40x23cm max

10kg max

More info here.



1 cabin bag + 1 small bag

10kg max


More info here.



1 cabin bag

56x45x25cm including handles and wheels

easyJet Plus carholders, FLEXI fare or Upfront or Extra Legroom customers can bring 1 additional small under-seat bag (handbag/laptop) max size 45x36x20cm)

No weight clarification

More info here.


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