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Holiday Places Everyone Will Be Going To In 2016

Holiday Places Everyone Will Be Going To In 2016

The Debrief: Book now before all your mates do

It’s not even New Year yet, but while you’re sat at home twiddling your thumbs and debating whether or not THIS is finally the year you’ll do dry January, why not have a little fun and plan some trips for 2016?

We’ve done a bit of trend spotting (with the help of SkyScanner and various other sources in-the-know) to see where all the hotspots are going to be next year, so you can book them now before everyone else does...

Riga, Latvia

The capital and largest city in Latvia, this cultural centre sits at the mouth of the River Daugava on the Baltic Coast. It’s gothic buildings are beaut; old and new sit side by side, with good nightlife, restaurants and plenty of cultural things to keep you busy. According to the WTM Global Trends Report this is going to be a hot one on the list of hipster holiday destinations in 2016. Make of that what you will.

Where to stay: Miera Iela.

What to do: Eat! Eat lots. Latvian food is deliciously different to what’s on offer in the more common European hotspots. Fish is particularly popular due to Latvia’s location on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea. Also, visit Vermanes Park and Pilsetas Kanals.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark was just voted the ninth most reputable city in the world (whatever that means) and features on SkyScanner’s hit list of trendy travel destinations. February is a great time to go thanks to the Copenhagen Cooking Festival, so if you’ve got any money left after Christmas, your next weekend break = sorted.

Where to stay: Vesterbro. ‘So hip it hurts.’ (If that’s your jam…)

What to do: It’s true what they say, Copenhgagen ain’t cheap. Luckily, a lot of the fun things to do involve walking around and soaking it all in. The Tivoli Gardens are an incredible 19th century amusement park you can stroll around, plus The David collection and the Rdosenborg Castle are unmissable.

Ponta Delgada, the Azores

Searches for this Portugese destination are up 66% according to SkyScanner. It’s an autonomous region on the coast of the country and its lush, green and fairly unspoiled.

Where to stay: Stay in the centre of the town and rent a really cheap airbnb (some come in at less than £21/night)

What to do: This is a good one to keep on standby for the summer: you can do all sorts of wholesome activities like whale watching, surfing and diving in the region.

Sal, Cape Verde

The island, just of the North West coast of Africa, has only just become a tourist destination. Think Tenerife, without the package holidays. White beaches, cobbled streets…Aka - unspoilt heaven.

Where to stay: The best way to experience Sal and it’s surrounding islands is through a tour operator, mainly because it’s relatively underdeveloped so you may need a hand getting around. So a hotel is likely to be the best bet.

What to do: Sal has an eclectic mix of Portugese and African culture, and is also a great base for exploring the rest of the archipelago. Think canyons, gorges and valleys.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is experiencing something of a renaissance thanks to people beginning to think more about it’s rich culture than about being able to smoke weed there legally. Maaaate.

Where to stay: Amsterdam-Noord. Prevoiusly a wasteland, now full of reimagined warehouses and flea markets.

What to do: The Netherland capital has been under serious renovation in recent years and is now looking flyyy. Head to the Museum quarter to experience Modern Art at it’s best - including the Van Gogh Museum. Also; explore the canal belt and visit the famous flower market; Bloemenmarkt on the Singel.

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