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The Best Places To Book Now For A Group Holiday With Your Mates

The Debrief: Planning a summer vaycay with the besties? We can help with that

Going on holiday with your mates is one of the best and most frustrating things you’ll ever experience. It’s the right of passage we all longed to go through whenever photos of the girls in the year above wearing matching Vista Print t-shirts, each with an inappropriate nickname written across the back in florescent pink text, started to make their way to Facebook. But at the same time, the organisational wizardry required to get all of you to those questionable bucket cocktails on that central Ayia Napa strip is nothing short of a pain in the ass. 

Fast forward a few years into ‘adulthood’ and you’ll probably have noticed that not much has changed. That one mate is still as difficult to pin down for dates in school, that other one will never not be a bit pissed off that their boyfriend isn’t invited and whether we like it or not, the money will *always* be a bit of an issue. 

But the key to executing these sort of things is quite frankly just sucking it up and clicking 'book'. Don’t bother waiting for everyone to hold hands in a circle and pledge allegiance to a trip that took three months, 17 discussions and a tantrum to agree on. Set a date, find a place and go have the holiday of dreams with the people you low key really care about. 

To take some of the faff and fuss out of the occasion, we spoke to the super savvy people over at Booking.com to find out where is best to book for our group summer holiday of 2017. They found out that one in three of us prefer to stay in rental properties than hotels, which makes sense. It often works out cheaper, let’s you be a bit more flexible with day-to-day plans (because there’s always someone who’ll never be awake in time for hangover breakfast on a hotel schedule) and according to their research, 50 per cent of people reckon it means you can stay somewhere that you’d never be able to afford on your own. So, here are a few suggestions based on the holiday trend we used to think was reserved for the Made In Chelsea cast. 

1. The Ski Trip

I’m not personally a fan of the whole hurtling down an icy hill for lolz thing, but I hear that people are into skiing so if it’s up your alley then you might want to venture over to something like the Chalet Altitude 1057, Chamonix in France. It’ll sleep eight of you and looks like it’s been pulled straight from one of those idyllic family rom coms. 

From £3086 (£385.77 per person) for seven nights from 22nd July, based on eight people

2. The Beachside Villa

Did you ever watch those weird James Villa Holiday adverts on television back in the day and then be inherently frustrated with your parents for never having taken you to one? Well now’s the chance to live out that dream with your mates for company instead of your irritating younger siblings. Villas Heredad Kamezi, Spain is right on the sea front, has a pool in which to frolic and a cute little terrace for early evening sangrias. 

From £2540 (£317.52 per person) for seven nights from 22nd July, based on eight people

3. The Idyllic Country Getaway 

If you like the idea of a group holiday but don’t want to be left entirely to your own devices, something like the Duchally Country Estate up in Scotland might be what you’re looking for. It’s basically a huge ridiculously beautiful compound with loads of two or three bedroom lodges, a central indoor pool, sauna and restaurant. 

From £1569.60 (£196.21 per person) for seven nights from 17 July, based on eight people

4. The Chic City Break

Paris isn't reserved for mushy romantic getaways, you know. Redefine the city of love with your best pals and go and stay at the Sweet Inn Apartments in France's capital city. As far as apartments go, they're pretty straight forward. But they're super close to all those big touristy landmarks if you're into that sort of thing and are of course delightfully decorated. 

From £3350 (£418.74 per person) for seven nights from 17 July, based on eight people

5. The Long-haul Hideout 

Some people go to Bali to find themselves. Some go to do all of the tours, visit the temples and be at one with the surf, sand and sea. And while both are valiant ways to spend your precious annual leave, you could also hold yourself up in the surreally stunning Eden the residence at the sea. There are a series of villas just a minute or so from the Seminyak beach and you’ll also casually have your own private spa pool to chill in. No big deal. 

From £3788 for a five bedroom villa (£378.77 each if you manage to recruit ten of you) for seven nights on 24 July - available 24th July

All images courtesy of Booking.com

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