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Google Just Made It Loads Cheaper (And Easier) To Go On Holiday

The Debrief: Those clever bots at Google have just won at another thing

Google have just launched a new flight tool, and it’s really really ace. The most basic function lets you put in where you want to go and it’ll bring up all the cheapest options (see ya Skyscanner, it's been real). But that’s just the beginning, Google being er, Google they don’t do things by halves, so here’s what else their jazzy new tool offers…

If you don’t care where you go as long as it’s cheap 

No problem. Hit the general region ‘North America’ or ‘Caribbean’ (we’re dreaming here people) and then click search and hey presto the will bring up all the cheapest/best places. There’s even a ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button for if you want to be really wild.. To show you how it works, here’s just a few places you could go next weekend (20th-22nd March) for under £50.*

1. Billund, Denmark (£43)

Cute little town with lots of coloured houses that looks a bit like a Legoland, and would you believe is where Legos head office is.

2. Gothenberg, Sweden (£36)

Beautiful sleepy Scandi port town. Where José González comes from if that has an impact on whether you holiday there? 

3. Shannon, Ireland (£50)

The land of castles and Guinness. Yep, that’s a huge generalization but was all we got from a quick Google (Q. How many times did we use Google to do this piece? A. Lots). 

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If it doesn't matter when you travel as long as it’s cheap

Well, good news Google lets you compare prices across multiple days/weeks/months so you can make sure you’ve got the cheapest dates pre telling your boss you’re pissing off for a few weeks. 

If all you care about is the free shit

Plane food gets a bad rep but when you think about it free mini salted pretzels are free mini salted pretzels. And we want them in our bellies. In fact my favourite reason for flying American Airlines is that you get a mini Toblerone when you’re landing. And don’t even get me started on the free wine. Sweet jesus it’s great. Google know how much I like free food and wine, so instead of just ordering the best flights in order of price, they also consider the schedule, number of stops, and on-board amenities (aka pretzels/chocolates/booze). 

If you need to send the flights deets to your mates 

Planning a holiday with your pals is a bloody nightmare. So many discussions of where to go/stay/whose bringing the hairdryer. Google have just made life a little easier as there is a handy save and share function. 

*Obviously these flights were checked on time of publishing and may have increased since then but the apps so simple to use you don't need our help

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