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$69 Flights From New York To Europe Could Soon Be A Thing

$69 Flights From New York To Europe Could Soon Be A Thing

The Debrief: Norwegian Air are going to make our New York dreams happen. Hopefully.

Pipe dreams of spending Christmas ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center or chilling in Central Park in the summer sun could actually become a reality soon, and without the hefty price tag of your usual transatlantic flight. 

During an interview yesterday, the CEO of Norwegian Air, Bjørn Kjos, said they were considering putting on flights to Edinburgh and Bergen in Norway from US airports that have little to no interview service, such as New York's Westchester Country Airport and Connecticut's Bradley International Airport. This would cut the prices of flights because of their lower fees.

Hoping to have such routes available in 2017, one-way tickets to Europe from New York would cost around $69, whilst average prices for a round trip would be $300 (£196). An absolute steal, I'm sure you'll agree. This is compared to current fares of $500 or more for such trips, because they fly into busier airports. 

So watch this space. Come 2017 hopefully we'll all be able to get a cheap bite of the Big Apple.

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