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How To Turn 25 Days Of Holiday Into 53

How To Turn 25 Days Of Holiday Into 53

The Debrief: We've worked out exactly which days holiday to take off work this year to make sure you get the most consecutive time off.

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Because work is no fun and you’d rather be somewhere like on a beach, or on your couch, we’re lucky we get quite a lot of holiday entitlements over here in this country.

In some places (Israel), workers are only entitled to 10 days off a year and, in others (America), employers don’t actually have to give their employees any time off at all!

In the UK, an average of 28 days, including public holidays, are given. Although many employers choose to give 25 days without public holidays. Which is nice.

Because we’re greedy though, we’ve worked out how to turn those 25 days into even MORE days – 55 to be exact. Here’s the exact days to take off to give yourself nearly two months of doing sweet FA.

In April, take off the eight days in italics below

Saturday 8th -WEEKEND
Sunday 9th -WEEKEND
Monday 10th
Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th
Thursday 13th
Friday 14th April - BANK HOLIDAY
Saturday 15th - WEEKEND
Sunday 16th - WEEKEND
Monday 17th April - BANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 18th
Wednesday 19th
Thursday 20th
Friday 21st
Saturday 22nd -WEEKEND
Sunday 23rd -WEEKEND

Total Run: 16 Days: Saturday 8th - Sunday 23rd April

In May, take off the four days in italics below

Saturday 29th -WEEKEND
Sunday 30th -WEEKEND
Monday 1st May - BANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 2nd
Wednesday 3rd
Thursday 4th
Friday 5th
Saturday 6th -WEEKEND
Sunday 7th -WEEKEND

Total Run: 9 days: Saturday 29th May – Sunday 7th June

In May/June take off the four days in italics below

Saturday 27th - WEEKEND
Sunday 28th - WEEKEND
Monday 29th May - BANK HOLIDAY
 Tuesday 30th
Wednesday 31st
Thursday 1st
Friday 2nd
Saturday 3rd - WEEKEND
Sunday 4th - WEEKEND

Total Run: 9 days: Saturday 27th May - Sunday 4th June

In August take off the four days in italics below

Saturday 26th - WEEKEND
Sunday 27th - WEEKEND
Monday 28th August - BANK HOLIDAY
 Tuesday 29th
Wednesday 30th
Thursday 31st
Friday 1st
Saturday 2nd - WEEKEND
Sunday 3rd - WEEKEND

Total Run: 9 days: Saturday 26th August -  Sunday 3rd September

In December take of the five days in italics below

Friday 22nd
Saturday 23rd - WEEKEND
Sunday 24th - WEEKEND
Monday 25th December - BANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 26th December - BANK HOLIDAY
Wednesday 27th
Thursday 28th
Friday 29th
Saturday 30th - WEEKEND
Sunday 31st - WEEKEND
Monday 1st January - BANK HOLIDAY

Total Run: 10 days: Friday 22nd December – Monday 1st January

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