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5 Trips Under £100 To Do Over The Easter Weekend

5 Trips Under £100 To Do Over The Easter Weekend

The Debrief: Wanna go away but short on cash? Here's a few places you can actually afford to go

 Think going away over Easter is just for people with cash to burn and glamourous lives to lead? Think again. With a bit of digging (and a lot of Mega-bussing), you too could be heading off somewhere exotic over the Easter break. Here's a few suggestions of where to go for under £100.

*Prices correct at time of writing. 


If you're in Liverpool consider yourself already in Ireland; flights on Ryanair to Dublin are just £33 return if you leave on the Saturday and come back on the Tuesday. Once there, stay in this right in the centre Airbnb for just £267 for three nights. Split between you and your four best mates (sure it says it only sleep four but three in one bed really isn't that much of a big deal right? Right) it's just £53 each. By our calculations that means that altogether it's going to cost you £86. Don't spend your remaining £14 on Guinness - it's gross. Instead treat yourself to a dead fancy cocktail at the Vintage Cocktail Club.

Total: £86




Take yourself and your best mates to Amsterdam from London for cheaper than cheap. The Megabus (c'mon guys, you can do it) only take 8 hours from London's Victoria and if you leave London Victoria on the Saturday at 10:30 AM you can get to The 'Dam for just £20. This gives you Sunday night, all day and night Monday and all day Tuesday in Amsterdam before hopping on the bus home (£15) Tuesday night, arriving in London early Wednesday. FYI, if you've got an NUS card, it's even cheaper. Once there, take a look at this no-frills room that sleeps 6 people for us just £106 (£17 per person) a night. For two nights and travel that works out as just £52. Spend the rest of your cash at Los Pilones ordering their giant sharing cocktails. Or go hogwild on the tapas at Pata Negra.

Total: £52


So who's actually from #Amsterdam that's following me? | Ain't this one of the prettiest spots in the city? #reflectiongram

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Mark my words, this is the last summer you'll be able to have anything like an affordable trip to Margate; aka Shoreditch on Sea. With house prices at a rock bottom low, and a desirable seafront location, London's hip hop and happening are moving their in their droves opening up artisan cafes, art galleries and generally annoying the UKIP voting geriatric population. A train from St. Pancras takes just under two hours and costs £41 return if you head up Friday morning and come back Monday afternoon. While you're there stay in this (maybe) restored vintage caravan for just £80 a night. Split four ways that works out at £20 a night and for three nights that's £60 each. Make sure you head to Dreamland, the restored theme park, while you're there to get some obligatory Instagram snaps. Who knows, maybe it'll even be warm enough for a paddle in the sea.

Total: £101



Härliga vågor att bada i efter jobbet. Lite annat än hemma i Vänern! □ #margate

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Literary buffs rejoice. Yorkshire is exactly what you need to get a Heathcliff and Cathy / Dracula / Secret Garden fix. Rent yourself a car for four people from as little as £75 for three days, drive on up and stay in this lovely little cottage just outside the moors in Stokesley for just £75 a night (£18.75 each). Altogether that works out at about £38 each. What to do with the rest of your cash? Well, other than take day trips (you've got the car remember?) to Whitby to spy the fated Dementer ship before it runs aground thanks to Dracula, there's also a (wait for it) company that runs Bronte walking tours including a stop at the Bronte Waterfall where you can scream 'CATHAAAAYYY' to your hearts' content.

Total: £38



Emley sunset. Photo taken by ZI Photography. #sunset #travelgram #yorkshire

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Belgium might not sound the most thrilling place to spend a weekend but trust us on this; there's definitely fun to be had. Get yourself on the Megabus leaving London at 9:30PM on the Friday and arrive early Saturday morning. Head back just after midnight on Monday (so Tuesday) and find yourself in London for 7:30AM. The cost of the bus is £61.50. While you're there, stay at this nice girl's house (pull straws for who gets to sleep in the hammock) for £49 a night or £12.25 a night (£24.5 for two nights). That's £86 altogether. With your leftover cash, go and make some Belgian waffles at this place.

Total: £86



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