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5 European May Bank Holiday Trips You Can Book For Under £100

5 European May Bank Holiday Trips You Can Book For Under £100

The Debrief: Grab a couple of friends and head for the friendly skies. Out of the UK basically.

If you're fed up with all things British at the moment then use the upcoming bank holiday to take yourself up in the air and far, far away from our rubbish shores.

But, can you get a three day holi-yay on bank holiday weekend for less than a train ticket cross country? Phew, it was a tough challenge, but one we've accepted, engaged with and smashed most spectacularly.

Here are five holidays you can have this bank holiday for less than £100.

*All flights are with Ryanair and the pricing was correct at the time of writing (5-4-16)

1. Milan

What? Yep. Book it right now and get return flights to the Italian city from Manchester for £49.98. Leave Manchester on Sunday early morning and return Tuesday evening, late, giving you a whole three days in the city. Whilst you're there, check out this fancy apartment to stay it. Between four people it works out at £35 for two nights giving you a grand total of £84.98 per person. Leaving you £12 to spend on cocktails at Bar Basso - Milan's most established cocktail bar.

2. Copenhagen

Flights to the Danish capital are crazy cheap. Which is good because it's not all that cheap once you're there. Fly there and back, Thursday to Sunday for just £26 from London Luton. Once there, stay in this Fredericksberg house with five of your closest friends which works out at £44 each for three nights. The total then comes to £70, leaving you £30 to spend on the sharing steak at Madklubben - trust us on this - you won't regret it. Or be able to finish it.

3. Oslo


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Now it's May, you can happily visit all these Scandivian countries safe in the knowledge that you won't freeze like a human popsicle (probably). Head to Oslo in Norway from London Stanstead on teh Thursday, returning on the Sunday for £36.98. This apartment works out at £53 for three nights each based on sharing with three friends. Your total comes to £89.98 leaving you £11 to spend in the VERY VERY COOL Norway Designs shop.

4. Faro

If it's sun and beach you're after then worry not, that's also possible. Get yourself to Bournemouth where flights to Faro in Portugal and back cost as little as £49.98 proving you fly on the Saturday and come back on the Tuesday. This near beach front hostel has a room that sleeps four people (and an 'artistic nude' on the wall) which comes to £31 per person for three nights. This brings the total to £80.98 leaving you £19.02 to spend on renting kayaks to go out and explore.

5. Bologna

This year's Lisbon, everyone's banging on about Bologna this year. And with good reason. Getting there from Bristol will cost you £39.98 providing you go on the Sunday and return on the Wednesday. This place is £43.50 for three nights split between four people bringing you to a total of £83.48. This leaves you with £16.52 for several massive ice creams at Crema Funivia, the so called 'best gelataria' in town.

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