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2014 Was The Year Of Vaping, So We Went To Check Out The World's Biggest Vape Installation

The Debrief: What happened when we entered a world of vape

Entering a studio space dimly lit by glowing blue light, scented with blueberries and filled with a light vapour I'm immersed into a multi-sensory experience. It's like I've been transported to somewhere between C.S.Lewis’ Narnia and Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Of course I haven't - infact I've just walked in to Bompass & Parr's newest installation - the world's largest vaping tank in association with Blu eCig, to commemorate the Oxford Dictionaries naming ‘vape’ as their word of the year . 

Vaping was basically the HOTTEST topic of 2014 following the every one doing it including Cheryl Cole, Leo DiCaprio, and even Johnny Depp. It led to it being named word of the year - and now the creation of this installation.

Scientifically, the instillation uses Blu’s blueberry flavoured eCig liquid to create a  nicotine-free vapour that cascades over those who surround it. Frankly it sounded pretty weird so we wanted to check it out. 


Through the smoke, I bump in to Sam Bompass (one half of the pair) who explains that the dynamic duo started out seven years ago in 2007 when they set up a stall at Borough Market selling jelly. 

Now known for their revolutionary approach to food and architecture, wanted to create something new, but most importantly fun; playing around with food and flavour, as well as working with architects, magicians, engineers and even snake charmers (huh?!) and so Sam Bompass and Harry Parr developed a distinctive experimental brand and Bompass & Parr was born.

One of the pairs most recognisable projects was the suuuper trippy New Years Eve multi-sensory firework display that engulfed the City of London with visible, tastable and smellable (we can pretend that's a word, right?) clouds of apple, cherry and strawberry mist, banana confetti and orange flavoured smoke. And now their work has gone from playing with just food and flavour to working with other elements.

Back to the vape instillation and sam tells me 'The idea of taking inspiration from blu eCigs and turning it into an engaging and immersive installation was hugely exciting for us. The blu experience is designed to create a collective, immersive experience that we predict will become a real collector’s piece.'

Whilst it's futuristic shape looks a bit like something that should have been on board with Sigourney Weaver in Alien, Bompass & Parr see many possibilities in adapting it further in the future. ‘It’s very easily customizable, it can take other forms, its lights could be developed to actually breathe in time with the music and it can be any flavour ,' Sam continues. Fingers crossed for a rum infused Pina Colada edition please!

 Following the one-day showcase I'm walking around, the vape prototype will be available for hire for events, or you can even get a custom made one for your house. Er, you heard it here first scrap the TV and Netflix subscription, for 2015 you need a Vape room! 

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