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Your Non-Lame Halloween Party Playlist

Your Non-Lame Halloween Party Playlist

The Debrief: Because no-one's enjoyed Monster Mash since 1962

Type ‘Halloween party playlist’ into Spotify and you come up with hundreds upon hundreds of entries featuring Monster Mash, Thriller, and the Ghostbuster’s theme tune.

If a song that your parents grooved to and a song so overplayed it makes Sam Smith’s Stay With Me sound fresh aren’t exactly cutting it for your Halloween party, then fear not, we’ve updated the tired old Halloween playlist so it now includes songs from this century.

And, so it’s the sort of songs that you’ll find playing in Clapham’s Infernos at 3am when you’re seven Jagerbombs deep, which let’s face it, is exactly what Drunk You wants to listen to. Because at that time of the night we’re all Fucking Legends.

Along the way, we learned a few things. For instance, did you know that Juicy J references known psychopath, murderer and rapist Jeffrey Dahmer in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse? Nope, us neither, but he does, so there you go. Way to go Juicy J.

Oh. And we left the Ghostbusters theme song in there because, you know, it’s a fucking great song. Happy partying spook sisters.

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