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Troye Sivan Turns Agony Uncle And Sorts Out Your Life For You

Troye Sivan Turns Agony Uncle And Sorts Out Your Life For You

The Debrief: The YouTuber popstar turns his talents to sorting out your issues. What a nice boy.

Troye Sivan is probably one of the most exquisite chaps I've ever seen IRL. Slight, with a mop of curly hair and BE-AY-YOU-tiful eyes, he's the kind of guy that would play the naughty but golden-hearted street urchin in a revival of Oliver.

Obvs, you won't find Troye Sivan singing about picking a pocket or two any time soon because the YouTuber-turned-popstar is one of the most famous people in teenage-land world. He's got nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube and the video for his first song off his latest EP Blue Neighbourhood has had nearly 10 million views. It's called Wild by the way and it's actually really damn good; all sorts of understated synthy pop about first loves and desire. Also, in case you weren't already convinced, he recently covered Adele's Hello at a gig. Adele tweeted it and said it 'gave her chills'. Mate. That's alright for a 19 year old isn't it?

Anyways - those who don't know Troye (it's OK guys, it just means you're getting older), then it's important to know that, as well as being a lovely singer, he's an excellent role model. Coming out at 15, he spends his time on his YouTube channel explaining all those confusing teenage feelings to his young audience, promoting safe sex and erm, waxing his legs with Zoella and playing beer pong with Tyler Oakley.

Seeing as he is such a fountain of knowledge, we figured he could probably give us a bit of advice too. So, we asked Troye a few questions that you lot are always asking us. Here are his answers...

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