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The Spotify Playlist That Helped Me Get Through My Break-Up

The Spotify Playlist That Helped Me Get Through My Break-Up

The Debrief: Because annoyingly obvious statement – break-ups suck

Whether you’re the breaker upper or the breaker uppee, terminating a relationship sucks more than when it's super sunny outside and you venture out to frolic and then the weather shits on you like it’s just eaten a dodgy rainy curry (literally just happened to me – I know, I’m a walking cliché).

It’s your pal’s duty to take you out and get you absolutely plastered, it’s your family’s job to make sure you’re eating properly and tell you that there’s plenty more fish in the sea and it’s your cat's prerogative to curl up in your nook like a comforting, furry boyfriend replacement.

But for those moments when you’re on your own – in bed with just your painful memories for company or on the tube when you’re trying to ignore the PDA sessions going on around you – it’s music that can help you block out the shitty situation that is parting ways with a partner.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d share my playlist that seemed to help me through the different stages in my actual break up, because you know, sharing is caring and I’m one emotionally wobbly Care Bear at the moment.

First month…

Aquilo – Losing You
If you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to indulge in some super-emo music that actually makes you cry harder. Sounds weird but it feels like such a relief. Losing You is haunting, tense and really emotional – pretty much summing up how you’re feeling IRL.

Jennifer Hudson – And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going…
Nothing releases the feeling of raw heartache then belting out an earth-shattering love song. Cue Jen Hud and this absolute blinder of a ballad.

Jessie Ware – Kind of… Sometimes… Maybe
Jessie is the ultimate babe when it comes to encompassing how you feel when you’ve split up with your beloved. This tune also represents that time when you’re ex starts to question whether you miss him and you hate to fucking admit it, but you do.

Tycho – Dye
Can’t sleep because your mind is acting as a movie montage reeling off all the pivotal moments in your (ex) relationship? This dreamy composition will ease you into a peaceful zone, just like a lullaby.

Few months on…

Enter Shikari – The Last Garrison
You’re starting to feel more like yourself again and you need something kickass to reflect it. The lyric ‘Head’s up and thank fuck you’re still alive!’ just before the drop says it all. 

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
Does this one even need justifying? (Shout out to my flatmate, who literally had to hear me sing this in the shower solidly for a good month).

M.I.A – Paper Planes
Some hella attitude and a heavy beat to go with it. Blast this through your headphones whenever that ex creeps into your brain and blow him back out.

Six months on (and beyond)…

Christina Aguilera – Can’t Hold Us Down
You’re feeling good. You’re feeling like you again. You don’t need to don little purple hotpants and big hoop earrings though. Let's not go too far.

Pitbull + Ke$ha – Timber
Purely because you can sing, ‘I’m going down, now I’ve got Tinder…’ Just me?

Marian Hill – One time
Guys are starting to become appealing again. In fact, you could easily hook up with half the guys that get on the train at Hackney Wick. This song will give you the sass to do it.

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