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Rihanna’s New BBHMM Video Is As Violent As Pour It Up Was Sexy

Rihanna’s New BBHMM Video Is As Violent As Pour It Up Was Sexy

The Debrief: Oh, and it’s quite a bit sexy, too…

Rihanna’s got a new video out and in case you weren’t warm enough, it’s about to get you very hot under the proverbial collar.

See, the Bitch Better Have My Money video is violent, controversial and also pretty sexy at times (we mean when Rihanna’s sitting on a haulage ship and gesticulating like she’s on top of a yacht, not when she’s torturing a woman by hanging her naked from the ceiling of a warehouse).

While there’ll be a thousand thinkpieces and ideas and worries and concerns, it’s best to take this video with a pinch of salt, to remember it’s just a music video, and to wonder how fucking cool it is that a) it’s not on Tidal so we can watch it without stumping up loads, and b) the music videos she’s making make her out to be the villain taking her fate into her own hands.

When we heard the line ‘your wife in the back seat of my foreign car’ we weren’t expecting this, we were expecting another video where she pretended to be a lesbian. And if we learned anything from the video for the Shakira collaboration Can’t Remember To Forget You, where they pretended so hard that they fancied each other, it’s that in this instance, violence might be a better look.

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