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5 Of The Best Radio 4 Shows You Need To Tune In To

5 Of The Best Radio 4 Shows You Need To Tune In To

The Debrief: Bring back the humble radio!

All everyone does nowadays is talk about podcasts – myself included. Because podcasts are grea aren't they? Podcasts make you feel like an Einstein protégé in 20 minutes. You can listen to podcasts whenever and wherever you like.

But amongst all this, the humble radio has been forgotten. I want to be that person pottering around her kitchen, listening to the radio bumble on in the background. I mean, who doesn’t want to be that person? There's something quite distinguished and mature about it – and it's about time I became one of those things. Thing is, I don’t actually own a radio (not that you need to, you can totally stream it) and I barely have a kitchen (it’s about the size of a coffin) but: details.

Anyway, after extensive research (asking loads of people what their favourite radio shows are) it turns out Radio 4 basically trumps all other radio stations so here's the shows which you should be tuning in to. Sure, they're all available to download as podcasts but humour me, yeah?

1. Woman’s Hour

When? Everyday 10-11am and Saturdays, 4-5pm. 

Why? Tune in whilst you’re at work for something that’s going to make doing your emails a little more interesting. Expect a mixture of discussions on that day's news, and wider, more general things affecting women today. An easy way to get some perspective on the big issues happening right now.


2. Late Night Woman's Hour

When? 11pm on the last Friday of every month.

Why? You know how technology is ruining your sleep and you need to stay away from screens? Listen to this before you drift off instead. Lauren Laverne and Jane Garvey and guests talk frankly about anything and everything – last month was all about clothes and what our clothes say about us.

3. Desert Island Discs

When? Sundays, 11.15am.

Why? Possibly one of Radio 4's more famous shows, this is a must-listen. It's a super interesting way to learn more about your favourite celebrity, or someone totally new. Plus if you're a music fan, you'll get to find out about new songs and artists. There's been so many amazing ones already that it's basically criminal not to go back and download the podcast versions. Check out the Dawn French, Jerry Springer and J K Rowling episodes to get started. 

4. The News Quiz

When? Fridays, 6.30pm.

Why? So you know how loads of things like news happen in the week and you probably have zero knowledge of them? Well The News Quiz is here to solve that. Instead of traipsing through the news, you get the weeks events summed up in a funny panel quiz show - think of it like the radio version of Have I Got News For You or 8 Out Of 10 Cats. I bet you feel more educated already.

5. Saturday Live

When? Saturdays, 9am.

Why? You’re hungover. You hate yourself because remnants of last night’s kebab is still in bed with you. Your mouth is drier than the sahara. Instead of drowning in drunk guilt, listen to Saturday Live and hear the interesting stories of people who are more extraordinary than you. Not that there’s nothing not extraordinary about that kebab though, you know?

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