Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Saturday, 16 May 2015


A Playlist To Start Your Night Off Right

The Debrief: The singer gives you the perfect going out playlist to get your night off with a bang

1. Great Good Fine Ok - Too Much To Handle
I saw this band live with some of my best friends last month and we all absolutely lost it at this one. So good.

2. Fenech-Soler - In Our Blood
Always find myself head-banging to this in my bedroom whilst I’m getting ready to go out. Not sure if I should be ashamed or not.

3. Caribou - Can’t Do Without You
Definitely dance-able, but also has lots of lovely atmospheric moments too.

4. M83 - Graveyard Girl
Dark lyrics over sunshine-y chords makes for exactly what I’m into. One of my favourite bands ever.

5. Crystal Castles - Not In Love
Despite being upbeat and full of synths, I think that at the core this is such a genuinely beautiful song.

6. The Chain Gang of 1974 - Death Metal Punk
‘WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT?!’ A good one for screaming. I got to write with Kamtin recently too and he is so awesome.

7. Fickle Friends - Could Be Wrong
I could’ve picked any of the songs this band have put out so far but this is the most recent. The kind of thing I find myself unintentionally dancing to on the tube.

8. BROODS - Mother & Father
Joel Pott has absolutely nailed the production here.

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