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Is It Just Us, Or Does Harry Styles New Single Sound EXACTLY Like This?

Is It Just Us, Or Does Harry Styles New Single Sound EXACTLY Like This?

The Debrief: Pls tell us we are not hearing things

One Direction broke up over a year ago and ever since we’ve been sat here twiddling our thumbs waiting for Harry Styles’ solo debut. We’d heard from Zayn, and Niall, and Louis, and Liam, but Styles was playing elusive. However, after an epic wait, it’s finally here, and it’s a whopping five minutes long! 

God knows what the lyrics of his track Sign Of The Times mean. ‘Welcome to the final show, Hope you’re wearing your best clothes, You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky’ – anyone? Maybe it’s a reference to the end of 1D, maybe it’s nonsensical drivel, but at least it sounds nice. On that note (pun intended), that croaky, indie artist sound is the work of his co-writer, the producer Jeff Bhasker, AKA Kanye West’s main man on his 808s & Heartbreakers album and Harry’s own key tinkling as it’s been revealed he’s being taking piano lessons. While it sounds miles away from his ex-bandmate Zayn’s Drake/Weeknd-inspired tunes, it doesn’t feel 100% fresh. Is it just us or does it sound like…

The opening piano sounds just like… Father John Misty’s Bored In The USA (skip to six seconds in)

The verse sounds a little like… Lana Del Rey’s West Coast  (fast-forward to 50 seconds aprox)

The chorus sounds an awful lot like…Bowie’s Life On Mars 

That falsetto bit sounds as if it’s been lifted from…Queen

The guitar solo has the handwriting of…Noel Gallagher

The last 30 seconds sounds like…Prince’s Purple Rain

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