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Friday Rewind: The Playlist From Back In The Day But, Like, Today. This Week: Aaliyah, Puretone And So Solid Crew

The Debrief: Because Friday is 100% for raving to music that kids under 15 think is for 'old people'.

Remember when you used to know all the songs in the Top 10 and they weren't all the produce of teenage boybands and/or ex-X Factorers? Good times right? Welcome then to our new Friday feature in which we pick a top ten from BACK in the day and present it to you TODAY. Because Friday is absolutely not for working and 100% for raving to music the kids under 15 think is for 'old people'.

Today, we went back to this very week in 2002, a vintage year if you will. We've got Aaliyah, Puretone, Daniel Bedingfield... The only dud in the whole list is Lange's Drifting Away which we realised, once we remembered what it was, isn't all THAT bad, but the only version of it that exists on Spotify is the 'extended sunset mix' which doesn't actually bare any of the hallmarks of the original song so if you want to listen to the real thing head here.

Oh, full disclosure; we included the top 11 this week because number 11 is Jay-Z's Girls Girls Girls which is a fucking great song and it's our website so we can do what we like.


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