Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Thursday, 12 February 2015

Four New Spice Girls Tracks Have Been Leaked Online, And You Can Listen To Them Here

The Debrief: The internet teased us with four short unheard songs which have sadly since departed, but we’ve tracked them down...

If you, like us, don’t go a day without thinking about the Spice Girls, you’ll have been similarly excited when some demo songs were leaked from the foursome (recorded post-Geri Halliwell leaving) onto Soundcloud last night. And then totally gutted, when they were swiftly taken down.

Luckily, YouTube have still got them. Rumoured to be recorded in 1999, at the same time as their album Forever, the songs aren’t quite the same calibre as their heyday material of 1996-98, or even as good as Goodbye, but they’re still technically new Spice Girls songs, so enjoy very quickly before they disappear again.

If It’s Lovin’ On Your Mind

This reminds us of the sort of slap-bass-driven pop that Billie Piper and Britney Spears were putting out at the same time. It never seems to go anywhere but we love the general message: ‘I can give you what you want, I can tell you what you want to hear, if it’s lovin’ on your mind, I gotta a little time, but that don’t mean it’s a life time thing.’ If you now can't listen to it, try out Billie Piper's Because We Want To instead.

A Day in Your Life

What’s a Spanish guitar without Geri Halliwell’s dulcet tones? Not much, it seems, in this schmaltzy seaside track. The chorus is very very sweet, but a little bit sicky. As is the middle 8. And the verses, and, well, basically the whole thing. If this were to be a poolside bar, it’s one with beer-sponsored ashtrays overflowing with discount Lucky Strikes, tilted beige parasols, plates of half-eaten chips and white chairs that stick to your bum when you sit them. If you hate it, or YouTube have taken it down, listen to Viva Forever instead.

Right Back At Ya (Pop version)

This punchy, oi-oi track is a pronouncement of some sort of comeback, it’s maybe too boisterous to have been released the first time round. Full of that 90s R&B influenced slap-bass, if you feel a bit dirty listening to this, give Say You’ll Be There another spin.

Pain Proof

No! It’s not one of Mel C’s rawky solo projects, it’s a song they all recorded together. We like the line where they go: ‘we can taste of ass’ and the ways in which it basically tries to emulate that rawk-soul thing En Vogue mastered way before them, but with none of the melodies. If this isn't up anymore, then have a listen to Goin' Down.

The songs are pretty cringe, but we love them for that, and totally respect that they were never unleashed on us 16 years ago.

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