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In Praise Of Blue, And Their Attempted Musical Comebacks

The Debrief: Blue have a new album on the way and our teenage hearts can’t take it

All Rise, for the British boyband of the millennial generation. Blue, you guys, BLUE are making a comeback. Again. In no particular order (lol, there is a low-key official order here though, isn’t there?) Simon Webb, Duncan James, Lee Ryan and Antony Costa are re-joining forces once more to bring us one more album. 

We can confirm that the band is making music again and yes, we have high hopes. Speaking to OK! Online, Simon said: ‘We’re in the studio – we can’t give an exact date – but we are in the studio recording new music!’ 

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That’s not all though. Because what self-respecting boyband makes a comeback without some form of accompanying merchandise to get fans riled up while they wait to be teased with the groups new grown-up sound? Blue have also released an autobiography. It’s already out and ready to purchase if you’re that way inclined. It’s called Blue: All Rise: Our Story… ‘We’re all in a new chapter in our lives now, myself and Duncan are 40 next year’, Simon explained. ‘And for us, as a band, there are a lot of things that people think they know… the book clears it all up.

‘Musically we haven’t peaked. We’ve got so much more to give,’ Simon added.

Judgement on whether or not Blue have peaked is, of course, yet to be settled. We need that new album first. But I’m happy to attest that they have more to give. Here’s hoping they don’t stray too far from the really successful path that they started on, and left very quickly in 2003. 

Loyal fans will (vaguely) remember spring of 2013 when our favourite foursome resurrected themselves from the dusty old tomb they shared with 5ive down in the boyband graveyard of the nineties. It was then that they released ‘Roulette’, the album that followed after word had spread that the gang had done some work with the likes of Bruno Mars and Neyo. No, we can’t remember any of the songs from the album, either. And yes, we’re still trying to forget the ‘I Can’ Eurovision entry. But that’s okay. Lesser bands have done worse. 

Blue’s second comeback, of course, was in 2015 when they released that confusing mix of covers and originals also known as the ten-song album ‘Colours’. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, it wasn’t One Love. But you’ve gotta give them credit, the Blue boys do persevere. 

Which is how we arrive in musical limbo on the cusp of Blue’s third comeback since the band’s inception 17 whole years ago. Third times the charm? Because we’re really hoping for more of this kind of thing… 


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