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Beyoncé\\\'s Singing On A New Song With Zayn Malik\\\'s Ex-BFF!

Beyoncé's Singing On A New Song With Zayn Malik's Ex-BFF!

The Debrief: Naughty Boy's Runnin' is a pretty euphoric banger, throwing us right back to the day we first heard Emeli Sandé's Heaven...

Remember Naughty Boy, the producer who worked with Zayn Malik until Zayn called him a ‘fat joke’? Well, he’s made a song with Beyoncé and a guy called Arrow Benjamin.

Opening with a simple piano and Beyoncé’s voice echoing about, Runnin’ then speeds up into a piano-laden breakbeat-meets-euphoric-drum’n’bass track. Once Bey’s bit is done, Arrow Benjamin comes in before the pair of them sing together about how ‘I ain’t runnin’ from myself no more’. And it sounds a hell of a lot like Heaven by Emeli Sandé, which was – unsurprisingly from the similarities – made alongside Naughty Boy.

The video isn’t actually of Bey or Arrow (we’re on first name terms now) but some deep sea divers, and the only relevance we can think of them is that, just like the song says, they’re not running, because they’re swimming. Oh, and that this is the first bit of music Beyoncé has put out since joining husband Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service that isn’t on Tidal. And you know, there’s something very seafaring about all of this. Has the illuminati gone underwater? We’ve no idea, but here’s the music anyway:


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