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Dealing With The Rain, Charging Your Phone And Other Last Minute Tips For Surviving Glastonbury

How To Charge Your Phone At Glastonbury

The Debrief: Plus, how to find out about secret gigs and what you really need to bring

Attention campers! All you lot about to head off to Glasto are going to have a rocking great time. But, just in case you're feeling a little bit nervous, we've scoured all the best threads on the internet for some of the best advice about how to survive this year. 

Secret gigs are being confirmed all the time

Every year there's a few unexpected people that pop up on random stages. Luckily, Glastonbury being a giant field full of pissed up people chatting to other pissed up people, news of an intimate David Bowie set (never going to happen) over on the Park Stage will definitely find it's way to your ears on the offchance that it is a thing. Otherwise, other bands are starting to confirm secret gigs now. Check out this Twitter feed until your battery dies. Also, this thread will be updated.

How to deal when the weather is rainy

Sadly for those hoping for a sunny weekend, things aren't looking hopeful. In fact, Tropical Storm Bill is supposedly going to have his last hurrah over the Worthy Farm site. This means rain prep is in order. Plenty of people have offered their top tips to this thread and, even though the organisation involved doesn't sound like it's condusive to having fun, taking heed will be worth it in the end. So here goes...

1. 'Wrap all of your spare clothes in bin could save a lot of heartbreak should your tent leak...'

2. 'Plan twice as long to get anywhere.'

3. 'Try to avoid getting any mud into the sleeping area of your tent.'

4. 'Wear waterproof trousers, or take bin liners to sit on. remember when you get back to your tent at night to take your wellies off BEFORE you start cleaning the mud off you.'

5. 'Don't drink too much but drink enough to ignore the cold.'

6. 'If it gets wet then just accept that you'll get muddy and don't stress about it. Tip-toeing around trying to avoid it is just more hassle than its worth.'

If you've got to charge your phone, there's a few options

Best advice re. phones? Leave your iPhone at home and go it alone. Even if you buy a ten quid throwaway phone with amazing battery life, the signal will be poor enough that you'll struggle to call and text your mates (whose phones will have run out of battery anyways).

If you are bringing your smartphone with the battery life that's about as useless as a paper tent though, then there are a few ways to get charged. Firstly, there's the EE Charging Bull. If you're an EE customer you can get a free power bar which you can exchange for a fully charged one (this guy reckons after only a 20 minute wait), if you're not an EE customer then it's £25. Alternatively, this guy is charging £4 a charge over at the Pennard's and John Peel lock-ups. Otherwise, pop into a phone shop and get yourself your own power bar or attachable battery case, but beware, they can be expensive. There's also this very good article on how to save phone battery.

If you want to purchase some battery aides for your phone then check out this power bar from Claires for £8. Or, you could nick your mate's power with this power sharing cable (£8.99). If you're super serious about it, this solar power charging station (£44) is the answer to all your woes.

Wellies and wet wipes are the most important, but there's other stuff you should pack too

Of course you also need a tent, a sleeping bag and a raincoat (thanks Tropical Storm Bill!) but there's also a whole bunch of other stuff that's handy to bring along. Luckily we've created the most comprehensive list ever in the whole wide world about what to bring. So have a read and take note.

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