Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Sunday, 1 March 2015

All The Ace Bits To Take Your House From Kidult To Adult From Habitat

The Debrief: Mum's favourite homeware shop from her twenties is back and, surprisingly affordable

In case you missed it chaps, Habitat's gone through a bit of a sassy makeover of late. Back in the days our parents were our age, they bought everything from Habitat, mainly, because it was cool and affordable. As a result, pretty much everything in my parent's house comes from there - albeit with a slightly 80's sheen to it.

In 2011 though, the store went into administration only to be bought out and given a reboot. Prices we dropped, stores were closed and the look was given a makeover. Hey, they even hired a very cool designer by the name of Martha Coates fresh out of Manchester School of Art to do all their pattern designs.

Anyways, we were curious to find out if Habitat was back to being a 'thing' for twenty somethings again so we headed down to their Kings Road store (Made in Chelsea territory BTW. I tried to fit in by buying a coffee in a wanky shop nearby, it cost £3.50 and I fell over and spilled it all down myself) to see what we could see.

Sure there's still plenty of stuff that's way out of our price range (take this ultimate selfie mirror with infinity lights in for instance) but, by and large the smaller stuff (and let's face it we've all got couches and beds leftover from our landlords' previous tenants) is cool, useful and pretty much on the nose price-wise. Here's what we found.

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