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Debrief Does...Cardio At Ministry Does Fitness

Debrief Does...Cardio At Ministry Does Fitness

The Debrief: We answered all the important questions about those new workout classes. Like, do you really need to shower after?

Jazmin hates anything that feels remotely like legitimate exercise while Alyss thrives on that feeling of getting a really good workout. What happens when two young women with completely opposing outlooks on (and willingness to) exercise try out the fitness class of the moment? Here’s where we find out... 

New exercise classes pop up all the time. And while most of the time they sound really great, they sometimes feel a bit out of reach for us mere mortals who have zero about what idea what they really involve.

Well, we worked up a sweat so you don’t have to. This week we headed over to Ministry does Fitness to try their new Cardio class. And yes y, it's part of the famed Ministry of Sound family - not a combination you saw coming but it actually works. Promising to push and thrill you time and time again, this class is ‘all about channelling the inner lean mean fat burning machine’ they know we all are. Cool…Oh, and you can go get a drink at the on-site bar afterwards, handy. Who knew burpees and vodka went hand in hand? 

First thoughts

Alyss: ‘It’s 7.45am and I’m basically in a night club. Crap.’ Dance floor vibe aside, stepping into the workout room I knew this cardio class was going to be right up my street. I love circuits, I like timed sessions, and I like morning workouts. OK, perhaps we chose the wrong time to go to a club-like workout (Friday after work would be better), but that was our own fault. 

Jazmin: 'No thanks.' 

How difficult is it? 

Alyss: It was hard, but I could do it. I find this kind of stuff genuinely fun – and I’m not just saying that to sound like a dick, although it does sound quite dickish. Sorry. But because you’re only pushing yourself for 30 seconds on, then with 30 seconds off you can really go for it, then breathe. But maybe don’t forget to breathe while training because then you’ll pass out. 

Jazmin: I'm gonna level with you, guys. I thought I was going to die. I ran for a minute (with a 15-second break in half way through) and tried to do some burpees, and I was ready to admit defeat. I was not okay. I wanted to go home. It was too hard. Jazzy out. Peace.

But then our lovely instructor Alice reminded me that breathing is a thing that you're meant to do while exercising and that it was okay to alter the exercises to suit my level of ability (zero). So, I bucked up my ideas, realised mama didn't raise no quitter and ploughed on. IT WAS HARD. But I completed it. It's doable. And so worth it. 

Do I need a working knowledge of exercise beforehand? 

Alyss: I mean…yes? Yeh, let’s go for yeh. Knowing how to burpee, box jump and do mountain climbers would help, but just so you can waste no time learning the technique. That being said, the instructor, Alice, was fantastic at helping out when we didn’t know what the F we we’re doing. 

Jazmin: I'd say it's pretty important to keep good form because you could hurt yourself. But you're given a quick demonstration at each point of the circuit at the beginning and the instructors keep a close eye on you, don't worry. 

Can I fit it into a lunch break? 

Alyss: You definitely could – but be prepared to be completely worn out after. I felt exhausted for the majority of my Monday - which I was already exhausted for before the day had even begun. 

Jazmin: Yeah. a lot of the classes are 45 minutes long, but most run either first thing or at the end of the day. But you pack a really intense workout into that time so bare that in mind when you're planning how able to function you need to be for the rest of the day. 

Could I take a mate? 

Alyss: BRING ALL YOUR MATES. The nature of this class is to have FUN. Go on a Friday night, take your pals and have a drink after at their cute bar (proteins by day, vodka by night) afterwards. 

Jazmin: OMG if I went on my own I would've tapped out pretty quickly. I relied quite heavily on being able to look across at Alyss for motivation. And it might feel a bit intense if you go it alone. There's loud music, disco lights and a giant stopwatch on the wall. 

Would I need a shower after? 

Alyss: Cardio = lots of sweat, so yes. Shower or else you’ll feel disgusting when you head for your pub drinks that evening. 

Jazmin: You wouldn't forgive yourself if you didn't shower afterwards. Also, the changing rooms over there are just delightful and the showers are really nice. 

Was it fun, thought? 

Alyss: I really enjoyed it. I felt like I worked out hard, but had a great time bouncing around to the great music while doing so. Plus, the time went very quickly, so when we made it to the final circuit and I wanted to stop I knew it would only last seven or so minutes. 

Jazmin: So you do three laps of the circuit in total. I was having fun for the brief moment I was able to breathe at the beginning. Then I didn't have fun when I thought I was going to die. And then I managed to breathe again and got into the tunes and had fun again. It was an emotional rollercoaster but I was on a mahoosive high when I finished having completed something that I thought was way beyond my capabilities. And, (I'll never admit it to Alyss) but was in an amazing mood for the rest of the day and I think the workout was to blame. 

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