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Debrief Does...Spin At 1Rebel

Debrief Does...Spin At 1Rebel

The Debrief: Just how hard can spinning be? Spoiler: HARD

Jazmin hates anything that feels remotely like legitimate exercise while Alyss thrives on that feeling of getting a really good workout. What happens when two young women with completely opposing outlooks on (and willingness to) exercise try out the fitness class of the moment? Here’s where we find out... 

This week, with Jazmin off sick (feel better, babes) Alyss took Aimee to 1Rebel’s cult-spin class. Known on Insta for not only being the most 'gramable of gyms, but also one of the hardest cardio workouts imaginable. Let’s see if we survived then shall we? (spoiler, we didn’t die if you got worried then). 

First thoughts?

Alyss: Honestly? FFS I hate spin. Me and spin do not get on - I don’t know what it is but there’s something about having to sit on one of those uncomfortable bike seats for an hour that a) hurts my vagina and b) makes me feel uneasy. I was scared. I think there’s this misconception that just because a person revels in the idea of exercise, that means they will love all exercise. This is wrong. The bike and I are not friends. 

Aimee: FINALLY! I’m about to earn a verified blue tick in being cool AF. This is where all the top fitness type people sweat and grow abs (half a joke) and I’m finally there, baby! I’m a (1) rebel with a cause and that is to SPIN BABY. 

How difficult is it?

Alyss: Christ on a bike, so hard. I didn’t realise I could produce that much sweat. I like to think I pulled it off and looked like a sweaty goddess like the ridiculously beautiful instructor but I'm sure I looked more like a mole that got caught in the rain. 

Aimee: It made me sweat from places I didn’t know err sweated? But, I didn’t give up, nor did I vom over Alyss during the 45-minute session. I would give it a mighty 7/10. 

Do I need a working knowledge of exercise beforehand?

Alyss: First thoughts aside, the best thing about spin is literally anyone can go without prior knowledge. Make sure you remember to bring socks (Aimee didn’t) and you’re good to go. Everyone knows how to ride a bike, and the class was led by a great instructor who made sure everyone knew what they were doing and having fun - even I was having fun after about three songs. 

Aimee: The only knowledge you need for this class is as follows: a) BRING SOCKS. I forgot mine, even though I carry two bags to work with me every day. I even had my passport and nail varnish remover in my rucky. But no socks. Go figure. b) You need to know how to use Little Mix's Touch to ignite a fire in your belly and pedal further c) You need a general gist of how bike pedals works. Knowledge of exercise you ask? Na mate, you’re golden. 

Can I fit it into a lunch break?

Alyss: You could, but this class has major club vibes so you might feel a bit weird rocking up to your 1 pm meeting having spent the past hour dancing to Beyonce. Go after work, then go shower. Immediately. 

Aimee: Sure, if you don’t mind walking into your 2 pm meeting with a SULA and spangly legs.

Could I take a mate?

Alyss: Okay, okay I give in, I HAD FUN OK. And this definitely had something to do with taking my mate, Aimee along with me. Every now and then we had a laugh about how tough it was - because laughing seemed like the best thing to do rather than admitting we wanted to die. We would even mouth the words to whatever song was blasting out to each other. 1Rebel is fun, go ahead and spin till your heart's content. 

Aimee: Yeah, just so you can wink at them every now and again to show them how much fun you’re having. Don’t take a potential bae till you’re at least venturing onto the ‘I love you’ stage. A quick recap of relationship milestones: Saying ‘I love you' - talking on the phone - doing spin together. Any more love advice and I’d have to charge, soz. 

Would I need to shower after?

Alyss: If you don’t you will live to regret it. That is all. 

Aimee: YES! Though, I didn’t shower until I was home and had a protein shake and carbs. Sorry to all the people on the 21 bus that night. 

Was it fun, though?

Alyss: As previously mentioned in massive capital letters YES. Much to my first disapproval, the class was good. It took me a while to warm up to it but I never thought I could workout to Moulin Rouge and I did. So all in all, a great time was had. 

Aimee: It was all the fun of a nightclub without the drunk-dialling, kebab-smashing and self-loathing hangover the next day! Can we go again soon please, Alyss?

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