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Cheap Things To Do This Weekend In London, Edinburgh And The Rest Of The UK: July 22nd, 23rd & 24th

Cheap Things To Do This Weekend In London, Edinburgh And The Rest Of The UK: July 22nd, 23rd & 24th

The Debrief: It's actually going to be nice weather. So get yourself outside!

Get off your bum and get outside. Here's what to do this weekend.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Whether you're interested in the business side, the ethical side, the philosophical side of fashion or whether you just like looking at nice clothes, head along to the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival for a series of talks, shows and exhibitions that take a look at sustainable fashion, the male gaze and it's part in what women wear and plenty more.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, July 22-24th, more info here.

Take your takeaway into the real world at the Just Eat Festival

No longer just a app to deliver your sorry ass food when you're hungover, Just Eat now have a pop-up food festival in London's Shoreditch. Open all weekend, it boasts food from Red Dog Saloon, Panda Berry Caribbean, Ping Pong and more, there's DJs and live entertainment as well as drinks, drinks and more drinks.

Just Eat Food Fest, Red Market, Shoreditch, July 22-24th. More info here.

Take your film watching outside with Pop Up Screens

It's another outdoor cinema experience! Kicking off this weekend in various places over London, Pop Up Screens have got a banging set of films on offer including 500 Days of Summer, Labyrinth, Romeo & Juilet, 10 Things I Hate About You and Four Weddings And A Funeral. There's food and booze (always a winner) and it's actually not all that much more expensive than going to the actual cinema - tickets are £12.

Pop Up Screens, various locations, July 22nd-24th September. Get tickets here.

Get Spaced Out At Bluedot Festival

Because it's 2016 and festivals don't all have to be about music and overpriced burgers. Bluedot is 'an intergalactic
 festival of music,
 science, arts, culture and the
of space' which sounds way more fun than watching The Vamp in the rain surrounded by pissed teenagers. Professor David Nutt, the sensible drugs guy that the government fired because they're not sensible about drugs is speaking, as is Matt Taylor - the guy who landed the Rosetta space probe ON AN ACTUAL COMET (and then got yelled at by people for wearing a so called sexist shirt), there's sci-fi writing workshops and a group called Science Grrrls who are aiming to get more women into science. There is also music from Caribou, Underworld and loads more. Camping is available. Tickets start from £35

Bluedot Festival 22nd-24th July, Cheshire. Tickets here.

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