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Cheap Fun Things To Do This Weekend In London, Manchester And Bristol

Cheap Fun Things To Do This Weekend In London, Manchester And Bristol

The Debrief: Looking for a reason to get off your arse this weekend? Look no further.

Because sitting inside is no fun, get your shit together and do something cool this weekend.

Go back in time with Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond exhibition

 Has there ever been a better time for an exhibition examining mental health? With an estimated one in four of us suffering atm we're definitely interested. Just opened at the Wellcome Collection in London, Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond takes a look at the outdated concept of the asylum and tracks how it's led to our treatment of mental health today.

Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond, Wellcome Collection, London, until 15th Jan 2017. More info here.

Show your support at Journeys International Festival in Manchester

This is the nationwide festival celebrating the artistic talents of refugees and aims to bring their work to a wider audience. In Manchester for the next ten days, expect everything from veterans of the Calais jungle spraying a mural on a container, personal stories from the refugees told through theatre, 'coffee shop conversations' to hear first hand from asylum seekers, films and much more.

Journeys Festival Internatinal, Manchester, October 1-12. More info here.

Dance and sing at Oxjam's Manchester Takeover

 Post Journeys International, head to Chorlton where Oxjam have taken over the streets for a three day festival that's all for a good cause. Weekend tickets are only £9 and there's shows from the best unsigned artists including  Lucy Mae, O>L>A and Liam McClair.

Oxjam Manchester Takeover, Chorlton, September 30-October 2. More info here.

Rewire your brain at the Freedom of Mind Festival

This weekend's big on mental health and Bristol are no exception with an entire festival dedicated to your weird and wonderful brain. The Freedom of Mind festival is hoping to 'encourage conversation... and influence change'. Expect panels about the growing problem with male mental health, challenging the problem, group therapy, spoken word, comedy and workshops. Most tickets are free or are a suggested donation.

Freedom of Mind Festival, Bristol, 30 September-10th October. More info here.

Ignore Paris and do Bristol Fashion Week

Guaranteed BFW will be a lot more fun than Paris. For starters, Henry Holland is there and we all know Henry Holland is a top chap. Expect fashion shows (tickets are less than a tenner) for every body type, age and price range.

Bristol Fashion Week, 28 September - 2nd October. More info and tickets here.

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