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Bored? Free Stuff To Do Today If You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve Woken Up With Nothing To Do

Bored? Free Stuff To Do Today If You've Woken Up With Nothing To Do

The Debrief: Absolutely none of these are scary, involve a lot of effort or social interaction. They’ll make you feel good though.

It’s a rare thing in these busy times we live in to wake up on a weekend, sans hangover, with absolutely nothing to do and yet, occasionally it happens.

My way of dealing with this is to stay in bed until noon, worry about my life and the state of the world, then binge watch shit on my laptop until a flatmate shows up/I get hungry enough to go and buy food. By the end of the day, I’m an anxious mess feeling sick about the lack of productiveness I’ve put into the few hours of my life.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of non-scary, and yet productive in their own way, tasks for you to do today that will only make you a better person.

Learn about yourself

And not in an ‘OMG I just like, need to find myself right now and like, totally get some inner peace’. Nah. More in a practical way. Take the Myers Briggs test (a 100-year-old personality test based on the findings of Carl Jung) but in a non-boring way.

16 Personalities is a website that lets you answer a bunch of questions about yourself before they deliver a report on your personality complete with a fun little charicature that shows who you are. Once you know your type there’s a whole bunch of info out there on the internet to tell you how you best make friends, what jobs you’re better suited to and tips on how to thrive.

Who knows, you might even find out some stuff to help you out of your ever-wavering existential crisis.

Stick it to the man

By sorting your inbox out. Don’t like, reply to all those emails you've been ignoring, that’s far too much pressure for a weekend. No, chuck those in a folder so you can forget about them look at them later. Instead, spend an hour going into every single junk email, newsletter or social update email, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘unsubscribe’.

It’s a great feeling and it gets even better when the company tries to convince you to stay subscribed ‘Oh no we’re sorry to see you go!’ Ha, that’s just going to spur me on. See you later, suckers.

Get yourself some material for intelligent conversation

Watching seven episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is enough to make anyone feel about as proud of themselves as the guy who decided that lifeboats weren’t really part of his aesthetic vision for his new ship The Titanic. Upgrade your weekend viewing to give you fodder to educate your friends at the pub with later.

Right now in the Netflix documentary list take advantage of Hot Girls Wanted, the Rashida Jones documentary on how the porn industry manipulates its female actresses; 20 Feet From Stardom, a moving look at some of the world’s most prolific backing singers; The House I Live In about why the war on drugs is failing spectacularly and Talhotblond about a fatal case of internet Catfishing that’ll make the MTV show look like a Disney film.

Buy some expensive stuff for super cheap

Take advantage of people’s terrible spelling and hasty posting with Always wanted a Prada backpack? Type ‘prada’ into the website’s search bar and it comes up with every misspelled version of the brand name on eBay. Because people can’t find the product due to the misspelling, they’re not going to bid. Enter you. Happy hunting.

Feel better about yourself

Think you’re a terrible person? Oh honey, no. You’ve barely scratched the surface of what it means to be a terrible person. Lucky then Reddit user I_Mean_Honesty spends his/her time scouring the website for the actual worst confessions ever, illustrating them and uploading them to

From stealing their parents’ life savings to shagging brothers and sisters, an afternoon spent on this website if enough to make you feel whiter than white. If a little disturbed at the state of the world.

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