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The 5 Least-Annoying Yoga Instructors On YouTube

The 5 Least-Annoying Yoga Instructors On YouTube

The Debrief: See as yoga these days can cost as much as rent, here's some people who do it for free on YouTube

Yoga is expensive you guys. Sure, many studios have introductory offers but after that, monthly subscriptions can be as much as £100+. Which is bonkers.

Until you're rich and famous, punctuate your studio visits (sometimes it's cheaper to pay for a one off) with some YouTube yogis - there's plenty to choose from. We've picked the least-namaste-y of the lot for you.


Tim is good becuase unlike a lot of the lady yoga people he doesn't go overboard with the namastes and the mindfullness. Plus, Tim is hot. Also, and this hasn't been substantiated by anyone other than me but sometimes Tim does yoga on a pier that looks a lot like the pier Seth Cohen used to skateboard down in the The OC. Beware though, some of his classes are viscious - his Vinyasa Flow class is dead good, but also will cripple your arms for a whole week.


Adriene is the queen of yoga YouTube. She's got about seven million, high quality videos and adds another video at least once a week. She does love the zen rhetoric but occasionally she swears or accidentally says a naughty joke which she immediately apologises for in a way which makes you think that if the YouTube conservative mum brigade c0mmenters weren't a thing, you'd have a wicked night out getting pissed on whiskey with her. Try her 30 days of yoga challenge to begin.


Candace is another lady with a yoga vid for every occasion. She can be a little serious but she's good at reminding you how you need to be positioned in every pose. Check out her instructional videos for every pose if you're stuck for clear concise instructions on how to get yourself (eventually) into a forearm headstand. Some of her videos aren't the best quality but more recent stuff deffos is.

Five Parks Yoga

Erin from Five Parks Yoga is American but she looks like a smiley Scandinavian - the kind you'd get if you went apprehensively into a super cool coffee shop in Stockholm before relaxing when the blonde barista flashes you the biggest smile and talks to you in perfect English without shaming you for not speaking Swedish. Sometimes Erin does yoga with a mate, sometimes she does it with a man playing a guitar. It's all in her lovely, lovely garden which you'll covet almost as much as Erin's yoga arms.


Cole from TX Yoga is exactly what  you want from a yoga teacher, she literally looks like she's just stumbled off the beaches in Goa by way of Glastonbury and somehow found her way onto your telly screen. Despite that though she's not super duper zen and is pretty matter of fact. Which as socially awkward British people, is exactly what we want.

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