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5 Apps To Keep You Safe When You Move To A Big City

5 Apps To Keep You Safe When You Move To A Big City

The Debrief: Turn your phone into a lifeline

If you’ve grown up in a quiet country hamlet your whole life (hello) moving to a city the size of a small country can be a daunting prospect. How are you going to deal with the constant noise? Are you ever going to see greenery again? How will you go from choosing between two pubs to 20?

What’s probably the most scary though, is the worry about whether or not your new place is safe. Chances are, you’ll be just fine, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

1. Companion

We spoke about this a while ago, but it’s definitely worth another mention. Walking home late at night? Notify friends and ask them to become your ‘companion’ for the trip home. The companion receives a notification when their friend arrives at that destination, ditto for if they deviate, speed up, or pull their headphones out. If the user doesn’t rectify the situation in 15 seconds, the app turns the phone into a powerful alarm system to scare away any attackers.

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2. Kitestring

You can use this one even if you don’t have a smartphone as you don’t need to actually download an app. All you do is sign up, text Kitestring a time for them to check in on you (say you’re going on a run; text them ‘20m’). They’ll text you at the allotted time and all you need to do is text them back to say you’re OK. If you don’t they’ll send an alert to your pre-determined emergency contact.

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3. Safe

The most comprehensive of the safety apps; bSafe allows users to get it’s premium standard features free; unlike a lot of other apps. It has an alarm, the ability to share your location with friends, a map to locate your friends on, a way to request your friend track your journey, a button that allows you to receive a fake phone call.

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4. Buddy Check

Good if you've got a mate that likes to get drunk and go on wanders away from the rest of the group on a night out. Or indeed,  if you yourself are that person. Before heading out for the evening, get all your mates to sign up to Buddy Check and bump your phones at the beginning of the night - for the rest of the evening you'll be able to track your friends' movements on through GPS. It also plays a check in game throughout the night when it gives you an allotted amount of time to find your mate and bump phones again.

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5. Panik

This personal assault alarm makes a loud alarm sound and emits flashing lights to alert passers-by to the fact that you need help and hopefully scare your attacker into running the other way. There's even a PIN you can enter to prevent your attacker from turning off the alarm. There's also the opportunity to send pre-written messages to your contacts with one click on the button and tweet or Facebook a status in an instant.

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