Emma Gannon | Social Media Editor | Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yep, You Can Paint A Picture With Nigel Farage\\\\\\\'s Face

Yep, You Can Paint A Picture With Nigel Farage's Face

The Debrief: Because it's nearly the bank holiday and you might have some time to kill in the office.....

It's like Art Attack but with Nigel instead of Neil Buchanan! Nigel Farage that is. Yep, there are six different Farage facial expressions to draw select and a blank canvast to work your magic. It's the ultimate procrastination tool. Who knew Nige's face would be so easy to draw with?

All you do is head on over to paintwithnigelfarage.com (warning, it's really addictive) and AWAY YOU GO. You can draw whatever you like, but with the face of Nige. 

People on Reddit have obviously already been busy at, painting lovely pictures such as penises and Osama Bin Laden. 

Please do your own and tweet us your best ones. You'll make our hungover Wednesday SO much better.

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