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What Is A Buddha Bowl And How Do I Make One?

What Is A Buddha Bowl And How Do I Make One?

The Debrief: Pinterest loves a buddha bowl, or protein bowl, or macro bowl. Whatever you want to call them, they're good for you and damned easy to make.

If you've been on Pinterest at any time in the last few months you'll have seen some super cool Valencia-filtered shots of healthy looking bloggers cradling big old bowls of rainbow coloured food in their perfect, perfect hands. These, my friend, are called 'buddha bowls', or 'protein bowls', or 'macro bowls' depending on how Gwyneth Paltrow your life is. 

So what differentiates a 'protein bowl' from 'bowl of salad'? Here's what.

What is a protein bowl?

A healthy way of getting a balanced meal. In a meal. Clean eating at it's finest. They're meals in bowls (hence half of the name) and Buddha had a round belly (hence the other half). Buddha Bowls are made up of healthy grains (think quinoa or brown rice), raw or cooked veggies (the more nutritional the better), a healthy fat (avocado, hello), a protein (eggs or chickpeas) and a whole bunch of greens. It's basically simple is as simple does.

How do I make one?

Get a bowl. A bowl is important. It probably won't make a difference to the taste but if you're going to Instagram your BB then it damn sure needs to be in a bowl. Even better if it's a super nice bowl. Like a wooden one your friend in California carved out of the trunk of a fallen Redwood tree.

Next, make a base in the bowl with your greens. These can be spinach leaves, lettuce, watercress, whatever. Just lay down that bed of leaves good and proper. 

Then, get your grain. As mentioned, quinoa is a fave but, if it's out of your price range, look to brown rice or cous cous. Millet and lentils are also a good shout. 

Up next comes the protein. Obvs meat is protein rich but in the interest of #cowspiracy, many people are giving it a miss ATM. If you do want to add meat stick to lean white meats like chicken and turkey. Otherwise look to tofu, eggs, chickpeas, edamame beans and nuts.

Finally make sure you get in your good fat. Avocado is a fave (of everyone in the whole world ever) as are olives, again with the nuts (peanuts and in that vein: peanut butter), hummus and plenty of fish like salmon, tuna and (IMHO, the worst of the worst) mackerel.

What Buddha Bowl recipes are out there?

Loads mate. Absolutely loads. You can't move on Pinterest for them. But, if you're lazy here are three of our favourite. 

1. Black rice, pea shoots, pickled carrots & spiced chick peas from Food Well Said

Lisa from Food Well Said who regularly eats this reckons she is a 'better mom, wife, friend and human spirit as a result.' Seriously.

2. Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl from Delish Knowledge

Alex from Delish Knowledge says this bowl is 'exactly the kind of fuel I need if I plan to continue my Netflix binge.' Our kind of lady.

3. Macro Bowl with Carrot-Ginger-Almond Sauce from Coconut & Berries

Emma from Coconut & Berries says; 'I find this way of eating very grounding and satisfying. Perfect for when you don’t want to spend an age in the kitchen too.'

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